Wednesday, December 3, 2014


 Ive been thinking long and hard about where this blog is going, how long will I write and whats next.  After a long time thinking of it, talking to my fellow bloggers and time...... Ive come up with just one answer. Surviving and thriving has grown up and its time to move on.

Surviving and Thriving on Pennies began as a way to save $$ and hold myself accountable. Our puppy was sick, almost died and I had a looming vet bill to pay.  My 4 daughters were little and I just quit my job to stay at home with them.  Money was tight!  And this blog was born.

 Instead of running around in circles (which I feel I am doing right now sharing the same information) I have decided that its enough.  Ive shared my life with you since 2008.  The ups, the downs, the sad and of course the happy.  From the death of my father and grandmother, moving to a new home, what I cook, how to DIY everything and of course my random tid bits.  My life has been an open book for 6 years.

 You all know how much I love you all but I cannot keep up with everything.  My day starts checking my Facebook feed, sharing everything that relates to my blog, catching up with other bloggers and sharing their stuff. Then I head to my page and click "like" on every single comment you all make, respond to any and all that I can and then I will go about my daily routine.  That involves sharing sales, pictures of things I find interesting, taking the time to post pictures which isn't a easy process.  In fact it takes 6 steps or more each picture.  From Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and even Flickr....It's a lot.  In fact I feel like I'm treading water.

So what does all this mean?
Well it means I will not be writing any new post on here.  My blog has officially ended.  Everything on this blog will be kept as is and you will be able to use it as reference.  Remember I've been writing since 2008 so go back and have fun reading the old post.  As for my Facebook.....its still active.  I will keep it going but will have no pressure to be on it every single day. You can still message me anytime you want and I will get back to you when I can.  Any other social media I'm just not sure.

I'm scared of this huge step.  This is a big change for me.  I fear I will let you all down by ending my blog.  I fear that I can't go back once I have posted this.  I'm afraid that I will have nothing once this is done. This blog has been my baby for 6 years.  I created it, wrote it single handed and have taken care of it while it grew.

If there's one thing I can be proud of is that I have kept true to myself.  It started non profit and it stayed non profit.  To this day I have only spent $5 on my blog for more photo space.  Ive never been paid one cent for anything I have written on here.  In fact 90% of products I have shared or reviewed has been out of my own pocket.  I did have some great companies send me some amazing products.  I did have many awful toxic companies ask me to do reviews and every single one of them I said "HELL NO".  Ive spent hours and hours and hours on this blog in one form or another.  The fact is that I'm just overwhelmed and need a break.

What now?
I'm working towards simplifying my life.  Less tv, more time outdoors, more family time and everything in between.  I'm thinking of starting a page on Facebook which of course I will share with you when I create it.  I still want a place I can go to and be with like minded people. I know each and every single one of you will come with me on the new journey which makes this so much easier for me.

Now for the fun part.  You thought you knew me..... but I have kept some things private until now.

Hi My name is Nancy.  Not to be confused with Fancy Nancy because there's nothing fancy about me.

Ive been married to my best friend for 15 yrs now.

I have 4 daughters ages 16, 14 and the twins are 10.

I have the mouth of a sailor inside my head. Ok not true. Sometimes they blurt out for all to hear.

I love dancing and I don't care where I am.

I love a good thick dark beer but will settle with wine. Heck I'm good with whatever.  Beggars can't be choosers people.

I never graduated high school.  A little fact most don't know. Even people who know me have no idea.  

My kids think I'm weird.  They are correct.

I'm nostalgic.  WAY TOO nostalgic.

I have tiny feet.  I blame my toes really.  They are tiny.

I'm curious about food.  Growing it, finding it, preserving it and making it.

I love documentaries. Ken Burns...he gets my goat.  Heck history in general gets my goat.

I carry on way too long.

As you can tell.

Anyways........I want to personally thank your or being my support group.  Thank you for being there when I needed you.  Thank you for giving me inspiration.  Thank you for giving me purpose.  Thank you for letting me be apart of your everyday.  I can only hope that I helped out a few of you.

I hate goodbyes.

Love and peace to you all.