Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ladies Linens

I picked up a lovely cotton extra large tablecloth for only a buck at a garage sale. It has a few stains from storage but these are time scars if you ask me. I love it all the same. I have visions of a family dinner and this as the show piece. Can't wait! 

This beautiful simple dishtowel was oh so much more than just a dishtowel. Sitting on the table it looks like a standard white towel but I knew it was a old flour sack that someone has hand stitched to repurpose it into a kitchen towel. Look at the stitching and how perfectly imperfect it is. It's asking price of fifty cents was too low but I was happy I found it. You see I will treasure it. 
Last year I collected rose colored glass tea glass and hand embroidered table linens. This collection stays in the greenhouse for impromptu tea parties for my four daughters. 
Well yesterday we found the perfect vintage ladies gloves that will be perfect for my girls. Oh how lovely they are. Best part was the dollar price tag for each. Can't wait till our next tea party. 

All these lovely delicate beauties cost me only $3.50. They were loved for many years and now have come to be loved for many more years in my home. Lets not forget this is just another form of recycling too! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Frogs and Hankies Make Me Happy

These are vintage frogs. You put these in a vase and add water. Simply cut your favorite fresh flower and stick it into the vase and I to this frog. It keeps your flowers from falling to the sides. I scored these for only one dollar. I can't wait to cut some fresh flowers now. I'm thinking instead of a vase I will use a colored mason jar. 
We also found these little pretties at the se garage sale. I also paid one dollar for all four of them. I will use these as they were meant to be used. I might even tuck one in my shirt cuff. One is hand embroidered and oh so cute. Love! 

I'm really bad about putting photos into frames. Well actually I'm bad about buying frames at all. I blame my cheap streak lol. These beautiful frames were only one dollar each. I think they will stay as is and I won't paint them. Now to find the perfect photo to go in them. 

Not pictured is 2 pairs of vintage gloves that my 12 year old daughter bought. My 8 year old twins have a vintage tea set with vintage linens and these gloves are a surprise for the twins from her. Oh boy were the girls excited to get them. 

Garage sales are a great way to find loved and hard to find items. It's another form of recycling and a great way to save money. Lets face it. They just don't make things like they used to. It also helps me to keep plastic cheap junk out of my home. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Warm Quinoa Breakfast

This morning I used up things in the kitchen to make breakfast. 

Warm Quinoa Breakfast

What I used

Left over organic cooked quinoa
1 spotted older organic banana
Vanilla flax milk
Ground flax
Organic cinnamon
Organic brown sugar

Simply covered what quinoa I had with vanilla flax milk, added a punch of organic cinnamon, a dash or organic ground flax and enough organic brown sugar to taste. Heated up and then added cut up banana. Done! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Green Review Feelgoodz Slimz Lily

UPDATE:These flip flops wore out within 2 weeks. They are made from new material this year. Don't buy until I hear back from the company and update this. July 12, 2013

UPDATE July 19,2013
I checked and unfortunately they don't have my size in their 2012 line which is still available online in some sizes. So I will stick to my old 2012 flip flops that are still going strong. Just goes to show that customer service isn't dead and the consumer still has the power! Keep this in mind with anything you buy. Don't hesitate to ask questions and let companies know when you are happy or not happy :)
 I still recommend Feelgoodz because they are a great company all around. Not one company is 100% perfect as you can tell but it's the ones who fix their mistakes and try to be better that rise above all the rest. I'm not giving up on them. 

P.s. I returned those flip flops to Whole Foods for a full refund. This is why I purchase from Whole Foods. Excellent customer service!!! 
UPDATE July 31, 2013
Look what showed up at my house!! See why I love this company!!! A pair of sandals from their 2012 line. So excited!!! See just goes to show. Never be afraid to stand & speak up to a company. A good company will take care of you so remember to take care of that good company by supporting them with you money. Thanks Feelgoodz!!

I live in flip flops. Not thongs. I Call them by the proper name. Flip flops. I wear them all year long and prefer them over any other footwear. Well except when its snowing. Then I wear shoes. I'm not that crazy.  Well actually maybe I am because I wear my flip flops in my house even in the Winter. Okay I'm crazy. 

Each year is a fight to find a pair flip flops that fit me correctly. You see I have tater tot toes.  Tiny toes which never fill the toe area ever in any shoe. I also have very slender feet so most shoes are too wide for me. I'm just a mess.Oh then try to find some eco friendly ones! Impossible or so I thought.   Last year I was at my favorite Whole Foods store shopping (My favorite store!!!) and came across Feelgoodz flip flops. I couldn't believe they fit me 100%. Room for my tiny toes, not too big and best part was eco friendly!!!!!!

I paid $20 for them last year.  Yes I could of easily bought some Old Navy flip flops 2 for $5 (which do fit my tater tots) but they are plastic and stink so bad. Well the whole store smells like plastic to be honest.  The smell of their flip flops wafers across the whole store. Yuck! They go flat within a few weeks and honestly are not that comfortable. I took a chance on Feelgoodz and was I happy I did. 

Check this out!

Feelgoodz Classics and Slimz are made of 100% natural rubber.

No chemicals, plastics or toxins added to the 100% natural rubber. 

Once done with them you can cut them up to pieces and toss them in the compost. Don't throw them in the trash!!!

Other styles can be sent back to the company to be ethnically disposed of.

They come to stores in plastic that is eco friendly plastic that is compostable.  

The customer will buy them 100% plastic free! 

My Review

Ive been wearing these flip flops for a year now. These things get more comfortable the longer you wear them. They literally conform to your feet. They are kinda like a comfortable sofa for your feet sorta speak. I wear them everywhere. In the garden, in the dirt, on the go, shopping and even hiking. I'm talking everywhere. I also wear them all year long.  When it gets cold outside I just wear them around the house. Easy to slip on to take the garbage or compost out.  Check the mail? They have me covered.  I seriously love these things!!!!!  

It's been a year now and they finally started to get a bit thin from me wearing them all year long. My 12 year old called dibs on them when I found a new pair.  I kept my eyes peeled for them at Whole Foods again. Beth (my favorite worker at the Hillsboro Oregon store) said soon very soon.   Finally 2 days ago they received a shipment of them. WOOOOOOT! They don't have all the cute colors but thats okay. I like to keep classic black so I can wear them with any outfit.  This year they cost me $21.99 and I didn't hesitate to spent that much money on them. My old ones went straight onto my daughters feet and I slipped right into these new ones. Ahhh its like they found a home. On my feet. Pure. Awesomeness. 

I highly recommend these flip flops!!! I can feel good wearing them and feel good knowing I'm wearing non toxic and eco friendly shoes.  Now go check them out! You won't regret it. They have many different styles and really great Cinnaflopz which have cinnamon in them! 

My great friend Beth Terry from My Plastic-Free Life wrote a great review Feelgoodz natural rubber and hemp flip flops.

Now if you don't mind I need to go drool over the Softsockz Eclipse shoes they sell.  I'm a size Medium I think. Hint hint. I also want to buy the other colors of Slimz.  I own the black ones because its the only color that Whole Foods had. Size 5/6....hint hint. Just sayin...

Feelgoodz is also on FacebookTwitter and even on Instagram
Remember if you can't find them locally check Feelgoodz online!

I am writing this review on my own from my own personal experience.  Feelgoodz didn't send me these for free or even contact me at all.  I just REALLY REALLY love them!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hooked on Thrifty

Now that school is out I'm sure my children will be bored after a week of hanging out at the house.  Today while I was at Goodwill I found a latch hook kit marked $3.99.  It was old but never even used. So I snatched it up and headed to my local craft store to pick up a hook which doesn't come in these kits. One hook cost $3.49. Best part was it's metal and wood. No plastic! This means it should last forever as long as my daughter doesn't lose it. 

Latch hook kits take time and patience. I remember doing these as a kid and it almost makes me want to get myself one.  I thought I would be able to just show her how to do it but when we set it all up I stood there completely e. I forgot completely how to do it. Oops! So I pulled out my laptop and got on YouTube and found a video that shows how to use it. Within 5 minutes my daughter was up and running. Sweet! 

Investment $7.48
Hours to complete-Who knows ! 

Best part is we are doing our part by not buying anything new. This is just another form of recycling which makes us happy.  It's keeping my daughter busy focusing on something and keeping her relaxed while having fun. This summer I am determined to keep my girls busy and not sitting in front of the boob tube. 

I encourage you all to check out your local thrift store and see if you can find some crafts to keep your kids busy.  Peace