Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scappoose Bread Place and Thrift Shop

I have been telling people for a long time about this little place called The Bread Store.  This little place is tucked away on the side of Highway 30 and they only way you can find it is by the tiny little white sign that sits on the side of the highway.  If your headed north up Highway 30 its on your left just before Fred Meyers. If your headed South out of Scappoose its on your right just after the light by Fred Meyers.  Look for the tiny white sign that says "Bread Place". Honestly I tried to find their address but wasn't able to get it.   If you live near Scappoose or within 10 miles of it then you must stop by. They are open Monday through Saturday 10am-2pm.

Bread Place is a little place that gives away bread products for free. Its operated by elderly volunteers each day who love to talk about the weather or just about anything if you stand long enough by them.  You see stores give their day old breads to this place.  Anyone can stop by and get some free bread items and all they ask in return is for a small donation.  Anything you have is just fine. Sometimes I only have one dollar and some days I give more. They don't ask for any certain amount, just what you can afford or nothing if you can't afford it. They also have you sign a paper with your name on it so they can keep track of how many people they help each day.

You can get anything from bread, rolls, hamburger buns, bagels, English muffins and sometimes yummy pastries. Sometimes they set limits on what you can have. For example today they limited it to only one free wheat bread loaf.  I was able to get 2 loaves of bread, one English muffin, one pack of small cinnamon bagels,    
a bag of hoagie rolls and a box of pastries. Pretty good for only $1 don't ya think?  They have plastic bags if you need them but if your green like me you bring your own.

Best part is that if you go during the summer, there is usually free produce.  Most the seniors and regulars bring in and donate produce from their gardens. Anyone can donate and they even have a refrigerator if you need it.  I get many apples, cucumbers and very large zucchini there.  Its just amazing how generous people are even when they don't have much money themselves.  Sometimes you will even find the random can of food, canning supplies and even spices. People just donate anything food related and some lucky person gets to take it home.

All profits from donations are given to the senior center and also put gas into the truck they use to go get the bread from stores.  Its a great place which has a good cause. But it gets better. You see they also have a thrift shop in the very same parking lot. SWEET!!!

The building next to Bread Place is the Thrift Shop which is open Monday through Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.  You can find anything you need in this store and sometimes even the kitchen sink.  Again this place is operated by elderly volunteers.  They paint the place (they were doing that today), dust it, clean it, organize it and ring you out.  My favorite part is that it's priced to get rid of it. Unlike Goodwill who sometimes wants more than its worth, this place just wants to sell it and make money.  All profits from this place also go to the seniors.  They even have a public bathroom which is unheard of in places anymore.

Meet Beverly.  She just happened to ring me and my mom out today.  Thank you Beverly for letting me take your picture even though you hate getting your picture taken.  You really are a beautiful lady and should be in more pictures.  As you can see the volunteers are lovely people who are there to help you with anything you need.  I recommend taking your own bags but if you forgot them they also have plastic ones for you.  Also take in anything you need to donate. Sometimes I take in a bag or two of stuff and come out with a bag or two of stuff. Today I bought a good jump rope and some sew on snaps from the early 50's.  I spent a whopping 70 cents for the both of them. Whahoo! This is a sturdy wooden handle and cotton rope jump rope too. Not one of those plastic cheap ones. Anyways I just love these two places and I visit them once a week. The people are amazing and the prices are fantastic.
 It's worth the drive for sure. I have been coming here for 3 years now but  moved away from this place and I still drive the 20 minutes to go there. It saves me money and i'm glad the money I donate goes to wonderful people. Its a win win if you ask me.

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