Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall cleaning

As most of you know my washer (in the picture) has completely died on me. My husband gave me heads up on a friend coming over to take my dead washer and replace it with a used working one.  Thank goodness he called me because my laundry room was a disaster.  After 30 minutes its clean as a whistle! I just cleaned up the floor, swept and dusted. The washer and dryer came back to their "new" look with only vinegar and water sprayed on them.  Smells nice and clean now. Woot! See that ugly floor? Yeah its in my kitchen as well. Um 1977 called and wants their flooring back! One day....for now it hides our dirt very nice.
This room looked like a bomb went off in it. A bomb in the size of two cute little 7 year old.girls...How can such small little girls make such a HUGE mess? This room took me 3 hours to clean with the help of my oldest daughter. We packed away all summer clothes and unpacked all their winter clothes. Organized all their Barbie stuff, Littlest Pet Shop stuff and their Polly Pocket stuff into separate containers.  This wonderful organizing unit you see here isn't as wonderful as it looks. Previous owners installed it and I'm pretty sure they didn't have any idea how to do it right.  It's not level and shelves constantly fall our.  That tacky wallpaper and this organizer will be gone one day. Hopefully its my next project. For now I'm just happy its organized. Woot!
This beauty took me 2 hours today.  It also was hit by the twin bomb. I had to empty my recycling bin 3 times just to clean this out.  Organized all the art supplies and washed down the table. Paper on it helps it look nice. The seating area has lots of storage so I keep the girls paper in there.  Years ago we saved money up for this table set.  We took it home, built it and stained it ourselves.  Can you believe all 6 of us ate at this table every single day?  There is no way we would fit in it now.  Perfect for our girls to use in the art room.  I say art room but its actually my kitchen dining area that we don't eat in. We have a more formal dining room with a much bigger table to eat at.  And then you have that ugly flooring again. I sweep and mop it and it still looks like that.
Well there you have my exciting day. I didn't spend any money and I didn't use any chemicals at all.  Just elbow grease and good old vinegar.  As you can see we don't have brand new furniture and our house is rather old. But I think we have the best house in the world.  I hand picked everything that someone else had loved.  We do 99% of our handy work ourselves. And were proud of what we have.  Well except for that butt ugly flooring.

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Lisa said...

I feel your pain on the ugly flooring! I have ugly 70's vinyl in my kitchen. Someday we will put something better in there, I hope. ha The countertops are also a lovely (sarcasm!) cheap burnt orange. And the cabinets are your normal cheap 70's- 80's cabinets. I hope to paint the cabinets white soon which will help some.

Glad to hear you have a new washer!