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Green Review Miessence Haircare

The Miessence Difference

Miessence is proud of the fact that they are the world's first extensive range of internationally certified organic products for skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutrition. Their certified organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms otherwise known as GMO's.  You had me at organic.

You can read about Miessence organic certification here.

Their supply chain, manufacturing processes and freight distribution is 110% certified carbon negative.  That means they offset MORE than they emit from manufacturing, transportation and promotion process. MORE!

Non-toxic, non-leaching packaging meets the standards for organic certification? Swoon!

Miessence Ingredients

  • 100% guaranteed integrity – all their products are certified to independent third-party organic standards (ACO, USDA, BFA).
  • 100% pure - no toxic synthetics in any of their products.
  • 100% beneficial – every ingredient is beneficial for you, your skin and the planet.
  • 100% potent – 100% active ingredients, no fillers or bulking agents.
  • Cold formulation – protects the potency, vitality and freshness of our ingredients to ensure bio-available nutrients are delivered to your skin for maximum effect.
  • No tap water – they use organic aloe vera juice as their base.
  • Hand made fresh monthly – delivered directly to your door.

  • That just blew my mind. 

    You can read about how they compare typical ingredients in products compared to their ingredients here. I can't believe how much junk is in products and came away with a whole new appreciation for Miessence after reading that. 

    My Experience 

    I received a full size bottle of 86% Organic Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner and Desert Flower Shampoo.  Also a few small sample packs of facial cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer.  I also received a sample pack of hand cream. 

    I decided to review the hair wash/conditioner because I'm struggling with trying to find a product that works for my hair. My children are doing just fine with what we are using currently so this is why I decided to review these.  

    I'm a mother of four daughters so you can just imagine how much hair wash we go through.  Since my girls don't use hair dye/hair sprays they will not be using this product.  I am happy with their current product and its results. But I do use a natural hair dye and on rare occasions I use organic hair spray.  

    I have long straight hair but my long straight hair is a big frizz ball. Who would of thought that could happen? Certainly not me. Because of this I have a hard time with finding products that will work on my hair.  Over the years I find that once a week I need a good moisturizing hair wash to give my hair a added boost of shine.  Ive learned to just accept my frizz and usually just keep it up or flat iron it. 

    Wash 1
    My hair was wet and I added the shampoo.  It has a nice light scent which I appreciate very much. Unlike most people who like really good smelly hair I on the other hand cannot stand it. I'm super sensitive to strong smells and they make me physically feel sick after a while. This was a really nice light scent that I enjoyed.  The shampoo didn't lather but I made sure I rubbed it in all over every part of my hair.  I didn't lather much but this is something you get used to when you use organic or natural products. Its the toxic stuff that makes your hair lather! Also your hair is still coated with toxins from your other products you were using.  Takes time for all that to get out but once its gone your hair will lather up nicely.  Rinsed my hair and wow did it feel squeaky clean. So squeaky that I was a bit worried,

    Next I added conditioner.  Once again it has a very lovely light scent.  It was very thick so I made sure to spread it over my hair making sure to get everything.  It recommends to leave it on as long as possible. Since I have a cast iron tub that means only a few minutes before my water starts to get cold.  I rinsed it out and again my hair was squeaky clean and not super moisturized like a average product would do.  Again I was worried.  

    By the time I got out of the tub, dried off and put a towel on my hair I felt a difference.  My hair was fluffy soft. I didn't have any trouble using a pick to comb my hair.  It didn't have a overwhelming smell just a nice lovely scent.  I got dressed and did my daily routine.  After my hair was air dried I went into the bathroom to inspect.  

    This is what I found

    My hair was a bit more shiny. No more dull hair! 

    My hair was not as frizzy but still a bit frizzy. Its my natural hair so it does what it does no matter what product I use. The fact that it was less frizzy totally made my day.

    My hair was unbelievably soft!!! From top to ends amazing. 

    I didn't need to wash it for 3 more days. Saving me water and energy!  

    It didn't take much product to wash my long hair. I can get at least 16 or more washings out of one bottle.  

    My review-Good bad and the ugly.

    I'm in love with this product. Really really love the results I'm having after each washing.  I get a feel good response every time I use this product or even think of it. 

    Bad (maybe)
    You cannot buy it in any retail store. You can find it online only. So shipping cost is a factor. I would keep an eye out for free shipping if they ever have it. I have a hard time with this because I like to buy most my items locally.  If and only if I cannot find it local will I buy online.  But for some people buying online is a only option so this might be a good thing for you. I'm a stay at home mom so I have the time to go to the store. I understand most people cannot and this is a only option. 

    Price. As I stated before I have 4 daughters and we go through plenty of hair wash and body products.  Me personally I couldn't afford to buy these for my whole family to use.  I could see myself once in a while splurging to buy these for myself only. But if you don't have a troop of kids like myself then you can easily spend the money and buy yourself an amazing product.  If you used this daily you would have the most amazing looking and feeling hair ever.  I wish I could have a endless supply of Miessence products. Anyone have a extra wish not granted? I would totally ask for this! Heck I would love it for a Christmas or birthday gift. No joke. Hint hint. 

    My recommendation
    For those mama's out there splurge and get yourself any of Miessence product you want. These are amazing and you get amazing results.  Their website is the most informative one out there. Have a question just contact them and they will explain anything you want fast. I recommend this company highly.  

    I also tried their skin care line. LOVE LOVE LOVE the results!!!!!! So if you already have a hair product you love and are looking for a good skin care line then I recommend trying them out. I can use any wash but moisturizer I am picky about. This is a nice thin moisturizer that made my skin feel so amazing.  You can find their skin care line here

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