Monday, October 28, 2013

Late Night Epiphany

 Last night I sorta came to a epiphany.  I was in bed watching TV which is something I always do.  Every single night we go to bed and watch the 10 o'clock news. Its our thing.  It's not a complete day without watching it.  While I was sitting there I was thinking of how much TV I actually watch.  Then I started to think that I was wasting my life away watching TV when I could put that time to good use.  Then I started to think about how when I'm older I will look back and see how much time I wasted watching the boob tube (my mama calls it that).  Then I started to think of all the ways I waste away my time and how I need to get out and explore more.  I then went to sleep as usual expecting to forget everything I thought about. 

But then when I woke up I remembered everything.  My husband came home from lunch and I told him about my epiphany.  He agreed with everything I said.  This is why I love him so much.  He's a guy that when the sun is up so is he.  He gets his stuff done then does what he wants. Usually a ride on his motorcycle on the back roads enjoying the beautiful nature.  He doesn't come inside unless its raining or gets dark.  He's always been this way unlike me. I enjoy nature to its fullest when I have time.  And when I say "When I have time" I mean when I'm not wasting time doing things.  Watching TV, playing around on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.  Well its now going to stop. Here's my plan. 

See this TV? It sits above our fireplace and I usually have it on during the day. I like to say its for the noise but its not.  AM Northwest, The Talk, Kelly & Michael and so on. See its not just for the noise. I watch it more than I would like to say. So for now I limit myself.  No TV during the day.  No TV when my girls come home to do homework.  No TV unless its family time.  Every Sunday we as a family watch Once Upon a Time.  Thursdays its Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Friday my husband and I watch Grimm (its filmed here locally!).  Maybe a movie here or there.  Maybe a documentary here and there.  But that is it.  Sorry TV. We need to break up.  Its not me. Its you. 

Since I'm cutting back on things I thought I would cut back on my Internet use.  Here is my laptop my husband bought me this year.  It will be my source of News.  It will be my source of research.  It will be my source to you the reader.  It will no longer be my buddy I play with and then realize that hours have passed and my kids get out of school soon.  Darn you Facebook! Darn you Blogger! I will no longer be on my computer for hours and hours.  I will write when I feel like it.  I will let my girls watch old cartoons on YouTube because its free (well besides my Internet bill) and I love that my kids like old cartoons like I did as a child.  I have a few reviews to get some here soon but besides that I'm in no hurry to write. I often run out of things to talk about and find myself not looking forward to writing at all.  That makes me sad.  I want to be happy and share things with you all.  I don't want to write about something just to get something on here. Its not as creative. Its not as informative. Its just plain boring. So when I am happy I write and share it with you. Deal? 

Yep thats a old school desk turned into a side table.  Paid $5 for it and its WAY cooler than any new side table.  Thats my green afghan my Aunt Robin made me when I was 1.  We use it every single day. 

I recently visited a friend who has a beautiful library of books.  WITH A LADDER!!! That's such a cool factor! It made me want to start reading again.  So from this point on I will fill my days with books instead of TV.  Inspirational books.  Good old nerdy cook books and garden books too! Foraging, DIY, etc. This is the most exciting part of change I am looking forward to.  Nothing beats the excitement of finding a thrift store book at a good price, a old book with character, pages already broken in and the smell. OOOOOHHH the smell of a old book. Just can't beat it! 

And here we are.  This is my front door.  This is my new entertainment.  Maybe do some yard work, go pet my Tabby who is sitting there awaiting me, drive to my favorite farm, go for a walk, take some pictures, etc.  Its here awaiting me. Its a huge world out there and I plan to enjoy it 100%.

Besides, life is too short to waste my time sitting in front of the boob tube or laptop.  Peace!

Whose with me?


Patricia Bell said...

Oh, Yeah!

Kyna Pearce said...

Love this post! It is something i have been thinking about a lot lately and have been trying to work on. Hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the things around you instead of TV! :) Oh and i love your desk side table!