Thursday, December 12, 2013

Green Review-Pumpkin Doodle It's Hip To Be Green Shirt

I'm a sucker for a shirt with a message.  I even have them made for myself.  My favorite shirt I ever made for myself says "I'm Green Suck It! ". It gets my point across which is my favorite part.  But look at this shirt. Seriously cute! Brown is a favorite color of mine and frankly it really is hip to be green.  

Lucky me Lisa from Pumpkin Doodle gave me one of my very own for free.   Lucky lucky girl! All I had to do was review it.  Lucky for them I love reviewing products for Eco friendly companies.  

Details:  This ultra fine combed jersey is fitted to a stylish look.  Don't you hate when you order a shirt and when it comes you realize its a unisex fit? Because you know when it says "unisex" it really means little boy fit. And there is nothing cute about that except for when a little boy wears it.  Well this one is the perfect fit for any woman. Super soft and I just love the green. 

Ive been wearing it for a few weeks now.  A few people have asked me where I bought it which I shared with them.  Ive had many "Cute shirt!" and even a "That shirts awesome.".  See why I love shirts with a message? I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!!! This shirt also comes in chocolate(brown), pink, hot pink and purple. I'm kind of a plain Jane so black is good for me. But hey if you like to be out there then go ahead and get one of their beautiful colored ones. The lettering is smooth which is a bonus if you ask me. You know those shirts with lettering that are old and peeling off? No issues with that on this shirt. 

Shirt retails for $30 which is a great price. Have you seen the prices on shirts these days? I mean really. $100 for a cotton shirt.  $100? Your crazy.  $30 is a grew price and this shirt would make a perfect gift to your Eco chic friend or family member. 

But wait…it doesn't end here! If you order within 10 minutes I'll throw in a complimentary…, no I won't.  But I will share something else cool about Pumpkin Doodle.  

They sell organic clothes, body care products, bedding, beds and even art supplies. 
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Seriously its cold outside. 

I have set up a convenient wish list here for you to check out. Take a peek and see why I'm really loving Pumpkin Doodle. Note to family…hint hint

Organic Cotton Comforter Premium Eco Wool Filling 

Queen size please :)

Wool wrapped latex pillow

That one's for me & only me!

Yala® Women's Sophie Wrap

Light blue or mushroom size small please :)

That's not asking a lot is it? Every girl needs a wish list. Can you tell I love my bed? More importantly I love my sleep! 

Now lets talk about this amazing company.  Not only do they use green practices in their office but they also use wind powder for hosting. Cool.  They grow vegetables, use Eco friendly cleaners and not only  use non VOC paint but also reuse, recycle, repair and redesign at their office & homes. WAY cool.  They do so much more which you can read here. Now that's a green company!

Have a question? Need to contact them? Go to their contact page and ask away. Customer service is excellent! 

Don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook

Last but not least….

Peace all! 

Note:This shirt was sent to me for free in exchange for a review. I'm not getting paid for any of my reviews or opinions.  If I say I like it then I really like it.  No fooling anyone here. I give my honest opinion always. I also don't review anything that comes my way. I'm very picky which is a bonus for you. 

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