Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Green Review Bob's Red Mill Bread Bag

If your not familiar with Bob's Red Mill, you need to check them out. This place has everything you need for all your baking needs. I am amazed how many things they sell. From flour, soy products, gluten free products, cereals, grains, baking aids, books and much much more. The reason I love them so much is because they are local to me and I can just swing by and pick up anything I need. But for those of you not local, good news for you is that they ship anywhere in the USA. Whahoo! You might check their product finder option. Just type your zip code in and they will direct you to your local store that carries their products. Stores such as Safeway, Haggen, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe's, Price N Pride, and on and on will carry their products. If you do not find it in the baking aisle, check the natural section of the store. They are usually in both locations. Check them out here
Okay back to my review.
Bobs Red mill Bread Bag
Cloth Bread Bag 17" An efficient way to store your loaves of bread. This bag is lined with heavy flexible plastic and keeps damaging air away from the loaf. Closes with a handy Velcro strip. The Bag keeps bread machine loaves and rustic bakery loaves fresh and fragrant and bagels just the right texture. It is also great for bulk-purchased flour, grains and pasta. Using the Best Fresh Bread Bag is a "Green" solution that reduces dependence on plastic bags, while reducing waste and recycling efforts. A practical solution from the wide easy-access opening to the longer loaf size. When not in use, the bag folds down smaller than a breadbox. Bag is made of thick cotton while the inside is thick-gauge polyethylene plastic lining for air-tightness. The combined strength of these two layers make the Best Fred Bread Bag reusable for years. Machine washable.
Retail $8.29

What a great deal! Plus you have options on shipping. Not in a hurry to get it? Try Parcel Post for $4.90. Yeah its only a few bucks but hey, those few bucks stay right in my purse where they belong. So to me its a win win! Ive searched all around the Internet and this is the best deal I have found.

Lucky me, Bobs Red Mill sent me a bag for free to review. This is my opinion of the bag and Bobs Red Mill has nothing to do with it. Strictly my trial and error.

Review: First of all I have to say this bag is made of super thick cotton fabric. This is going to last for years and years if I take good care of it. The inside is just as it said, thick plastic. Im not a fan of plastic at all (as you know from all my rants lol)but you have to remember that bread dries out super fast so its a need in this case. Plus i'm only buying this one bag, not plastic bags like the ones our store bought bread comes in that rip open and get holes in it super easy. I made my bread, let it cool , then put the bread in. I left it over night to see how it last for a few hours. Next morning my bread was nice and moist. Since we go through a loaf a day, I cannot say how long a loaf can actually last in this bag. But I can say that its super sturdy and will not have to buy another one of these for years and years. Velcro closure is the best part. You can roll it up to any size you need and simply Velcro it shut. Done! No ties, or plastic tabs lingering around.

Score: A+++. Best thing Ive found so far. Best price, best shipping price, and best company. Love love love everything about this company!

Live in Oregon? Take a day trip to their grain store or restaurant.
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie , OR 97222

Hours of operation
Mon-Fr 6am-6pm
Sat 7am-5pm
Phone: (503) 607-6455
Toll Free: (800) 553-2258

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