Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, today was just amazing. Yes I was a crazy mad woman running around my home cooking, cleaning and trying to chat with my family. But I still was having a wonderful day. Nothing was burned but my stuffing was a bit dry. I forgot about my corn but my homemade pumpkin pie was a hit. So all in all it was great.
Today got me thinking. I truly am blessed to have such great family and friends. I have so many things to be thankful for so I thought I would share them with everyone. Yes some are easy ones but some are little things that just make me happy. Keep in mind the first few are on the top of my list. My family and friends are always first in my life. Everything else in in no particular order. So here we go.

50 things I'm thankful for

1. My husband. He is my Mr.fix it, my go to man, my everything. I love him more and more each day.

2. My daughters. They drive me crazy but I love them to pieces. They are the most wonderful children I know. They are what inspires me to be Eco conscious .

3. My house. Its old, needs updated but man oh man does it feel like home.

4. My best friend Dulcimer. Yes Dulcimer is a instrument but it is her name. I swear. lol. She is who I call first for just about everything. She gives advise whether its what I want to hear or not. I love her.

5. Grape juice. I just love it.
6. Goodwill/thrift stores. You have saved me so much money and I owe you everything. I love you.
7. My van. Its big and its blue. It will haul my 4 daughters, a dog, and groceries. Or my trip to goodwill where I picked up way too much stuff and came home with the van stuffed with furniture. Sorry honey...

8. Tupperware. I just love all of you. Every single piece of it I own, I love them all.

9. My neighborhood. No one telling me what I can or cannot do in my home or on my property. I love this. I can grow my own garden, paint anything any color I want, or take a fence down. I can even hang dry my clothes. I love my neighborhood.

10. My garden. Although its not exactly how I want it right now, its still giving me food. I love having my own space to grow whatever I want. I love being in my garden with my girls asking me all kinds of questions.

11. My laptop. Oh sweet laptop how you make me happy each day. I wake up, grab a cup of coffee and off I go to my laptop. You bring me so much joy.

12. My ipod. You are with me when I go jogging, watching my daughter at soccer practice, or in my purse for those days when the twins are driving me insane and I need to get groceries in peace. You keep them occupied and I thank you for that.

13. Coffee. You truly bring me to life each and every day. I love you.

14. My ugg slippers. When I found you at goodwill, you put a smile on my face. When I brought you home, I put a smile on your face. I wear you each and every day. Yes you have holes, and yes you are old. But you still do your job each day. Keep my feet warm. I love you for that.

15. The United States. Weird huh? lol. I love that I have freedom of speech. I love that I can believe in what I want or don't want. I love that I can be anything I want to be. I truly am proud to be an American.

16. The play structure in my backyard. You keep my kids occupied while I try to get laundry done or just try to tidy up the house.

17. Winco. I love your cheap prices and your bulk section. You allow me to not buy food in packages and save some tree's. You save me so much money. I just wish your aisles were a little wider.

18. Our fireplace. I love sitting by the fire and falling asleep. I love the sound, and smell you fill my home with.

19. Oregon. I love living here. Beautiful state full of tree's, ocean, dessert, and even a little country. It really does have everything you need with in a few hours of me. I really really do love it here. No way I'm leaving.

20. My mom. To her I owe thanks for many things. Teaching me how to cook, save money, get through the tough times, use coupons, and most of all you taught me how to help. Helping friends, neighbors in a tough time, or even for people you don't even know. You taught me that you don't have to have money to help people. There are always way to help. So I thank you for that.

21. For having common sense. Nuff said

22. For being a granola, tree hugger or whatever you want to call it. I'm thankful I was born this way. I live as green as possible and it makes me happy.

23. For toilet paper. Nuff said

24. For pretty smelling lotions. You truly do make me happy.

25. Hair dye. Seems stupid but it makes me happy. You make me feel younger, and I feel a little taller too....weird

26. My plug in blanket. Especially now days, its just too cold. I look forward to running to you each night.

27. Fred Meyers. You truly are a one stop shop as you say in your commercials. I love your mark downs on groceries, and those lovely coupons each week. We had a bit of a bad October but ive forgiven you.

28. My niece and nephews. They truly are adorable and I love each and every one of them. I'm thankful to spend time with Johnathon on Thanksgiving. Hoping he will look forward to visiting Nany's house. From Michaels infectious smiles to Emily's crazy wild hair. I love them all.

29. Shampoo and conditioner. I finally found a brand of them that I really do love. I know I can count on you to be wonderful each day I use you. No oil build up, and no frizz. Sigh

30. My Jetta. You give me great gas mileage, you make me look good, and your paid for. Whats not to love about that? You do stink a little (diesel).

31. My neighbors. I know that I can count on you for anything. You guys are amazing and I'm so lucky to have each and every one of you.

32. My kitchen. Your a little outdated but you do the job. I have tons of counter space, and lots of places to put things. I just really do love my huge kitchen.

33. Bubble baths. I look forward to taking a bubble bath after a long hard day. I washes all the stress away and makes me a happy mommy.

34. Our wii. My kids can play it and have fun. After they go to bed, I can get my Mario on!!! Nothing like playing old school Mario Bros.

35. No cable. I know I know. Who in their right mind would not want cable? Yes, I am thankful for no cable. I'm so happy to have more free time with my family. Sometimes we don't even turn the TV on at all. Its nice. Nice and quiet.

36. Life. I do have a wonderful life. I love taking a deep breath and thinking how happy I truly am.

37. My bread machine. You make it possible for me to make wonderful healthy bread for my family. You fill my home with the most wonderful smell. Mmmm

38. Converse. Through the years you have stuck by me. You keep my feet comfy and covered. You last for years and years and still do your job. I know that if I ever need a new pair, I can always find you. Thank you Converse.

39. Music. From my latest love of The Killers to my old school Beastie Boys. Ever since grade school you have brought me amazing music. From your contagious beats, to your amazing lyrics. You guys are the best. Keep up the good work.

40. My blog. It gives me the ability to reach more and more people and to help them save money. I hope all my crazy thoughts give everyone inspiration to try new things out. From saving money, to new recipe's, or just to get my random rambles out. I love getting up each day to speak to everyone through my blog. I love the journey I am on.

41. Seasonal goodies. In spring its the joy of planning my garden. In summer its the warm days and nights. Fall its hot apple cider and everything pumpkin. And in Winter its cold days sitting by the fire. I buy seasonal so that my children have something to look forward to each season. No way im gonna enjoy hot cider in spring. Its just doesn't taste the same.

42. My fans. Each and everyone of you (yes you!) I give thanks to. You are what keeps me going each day. Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads my blog, then someone comments and thanks me. This gives me the inspiration to keep going. You stick by me through my writers block, my horrible spelling, and my crazy projects. And I love you for that. Thank you thank you thank you!

43. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and New Seasons. Without you I would have to shop online. You bring me the latest green solutions, and my everyday items that are green. From non toxic cupcake papers, lactose free products, organic milk, and of course super yummy samples of foods I never would of even taken the second to try out. My kids love you for this too. I can buy it local, and save me money. Thank you!

44. My animals. My dog who is the weirdest dog on the planet, and my cat who thinks she is the queen of this home. They protect and keep this home warm and inviting.

45. My glue gun. Oh how you make my life easier.

46. Stores that have cleaning wipes by their carts. Oh how I love you. You make my life much easier and my shopping experience so much better. Germ freaks like myself now don't have to prepare and pack them before we go out. We can now just go, clean the cart and feel good about putting our children in them. Ahhh how I love thee.

47. Stores with double seating carts. Let me just say that having these makes my life so much better. Not only do I have room to put my twins in them, but I don't have to have that conversation with them on why one has to be in the cart while the other has to sit inside or hang on the front. And then I can avoid the whole crying and explaining of the whole situation. So I want to give a shout out to Costco for each and every cart having this option, Fred Meyers for having many of them, and Whole Foods for having the best double seating carts around. Thanks guys!

48. Earth. For giving us all the plants, animals, waters, and air. Mother earth truly does help us. And now its our turn to help it. If everyone would do little steps, they truly do add up.

49. Candles. They smell so wonderful and give our home a wonderful glow. Little things make me happy.

50. This list. For bringing my attention to everything I truly am thankful for. I now know how blessed I truly am. If ever I am having a gloomy day, I know where I can find a great list of things that make me happy.

Now, what are you thankful for? Anyone? Come on! Share with everyone!

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