Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Progress April 2011

This is my first time growing sage from seed and I am amazed how beautiful this little plant is.
The other day I wrapped copper around my garden bed.  I tried my best to find copper nails but only found some finishing copper nails.  They seemed to look okay but after the first rain I noticed some were already rusting.  I guess copper plated isn't the best but it is the safest I found. Live and learn. I will be finishing the other bed soon then will take better pictures for you.  I originally was going to just nail it to the side but my husband thought this would work and look better.
The girls each planted a seed of choice in yogurt cups.  I believe this is a pumpkin plant of some sort.  We plan on growing lots of pumpkins this year so we can freeze the puree for pumpkin baking goods all year long.  Mmmm pumpkin muffins are delish!
The slugs ate all my bean seeds and almost all my pea seeds so I decided to take actions.  I planted some bean starts all around the outer edge of my tee pee in hopes they will survive. Then replanted some pea seeds where the others were eaten.  I sprayed homemade bug spray on all the baby plants in hopes that bugs will leave them alone.  As soon as I remember the recipe I will share it with you. I then placed 3 yogurt containers full of cheap beer (slugs are not on which brand they drink) and covered them with this bird cage I recovered from Grandma's place. My dog would like a nice cold beer so I have to cover them. I added some tin foil to hopefully keep any rain out that would dilute the beer.
I added my upcycled silverware plant markers to give it an extra touch. Looks pretty cute huh? Very cool!
I was excited to see my chives starting to bloom. Not excited to see that my twins have been munching on them. I knew they were into them due to their smelly onion mouths after coming in from playing outside. Turds!
My garden buddy Tabby was trying to get my attention all afternoon. Look how adorable she is. How could I resist?
Ferns are coming along nicely.  I hear you can eat these tiny fragile things but they are much too pretty for me to try them out.  I just love looking at these.

Hasta's are finally peeking through the soil.  I love these plants so much. I moved them from the front yard to the back because they were getting too much sun and they really love partial shade.  They are much bigger and prettier in the back which means they are finally happy. Which makes me happy.

The rest of the afternoon I watched my girls ride their bikes and play. I also went over to my friends house who just received her chickens. Now I REALLY want my own! My friend Tanya was given 3 full grown chickens and they laid eggs the first day they came. It was fun to watch them peck around the backyard looking for bugs.  Did I mention I want my own? I DO! Uhhh hummmmm! Hubby are you listening? Until then I dream of chickens.  The rest of the night I suffered from my allergies. The price we pay to do what we love.  Allergies you suck!!!!

What did you do this weekend?  Fellow Oregonians what did you do with your first day of sun?  Anything productive?

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