Friday, July 8, 2011

$50 a week

New Season's

.73 cents Fine Sea Salt
$2.59 Hormone Free New Season's Milk 2%
$2.99 Butter
$3.73 Ground Pork Hormone Free/All natural
$2.96 Bratwurst Sausage (New Seasons Sale) 4 brats
$3.73 Ground Beef 20% fat


Whole Foods

$2.78 Organic Whole Wheat Penne Pasta 2 packs
$1.39 Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli
$3.99 12 Pack Recycled Paper toilet paper
$3.43 Bulk Liquid Amino's Bragg
$3.39 18 pk large white vegetarian fed chicken eggs
$1.49 Half n half Sunshine Dairy (which rocks!)
.54 cents Bulk Tea Women's Blend (going to try it out then make my own blend)

Total cost $17.01
10 cent bag credit was donated to a local charity

Marks NW Fresh Produce

$1 two large red peppers
$1 large head of cabbage
$1.50 Large cauliflower
.50 cucumber

Total Cost-$4.00

Which leaves me with $16.26 for the rest of the week.  I just noticed I forgot to buy cheese so I will have to make a store run again this week sometime for the cheese and possibly some more milk.  My girls have been drinking lots of chocolate milk it seems. 
The packages of meat will be split up into half pound increments and will be used in 6 different meals leaving me one night for a vegetarian meal.  I also will be using produce from my own garden which will keep my budget down.  And of course I will be using up food from previous weeks as well.  I need to make room in my freezer for future produce from my garden and jelly.  I like to store lots of pumpkin to use up all year.  We love our pumpkin muffins and such. 

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