Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th 2011

Hello to those I havee neglected. I have no excuse except that I know I suck for not posting anything for a while.  I have been just busy with life and completely forgot to update my life for you. So  a HUGE sorry for that. Anyways here some pics to make you happy. lol
My daughter is doing yard work for our neighbor which included watering her huge garden and push mowing their yard.  She says she doesn't like it but I think she secretly loves it.  Or the $5 a day she is getting. Well she is 13 so I'm pretty sure its all about the money.

While waiting for her to finish watering their garden we found this funky stuff.  It was spongy and growing in the organic mulch. Anyone know what it is? It smelt very organic and was foamy in texture. hmm...

The neighbor allowed us to harvest what we wanted while she was gone.  I had never grown kale but will from now on. That stuff is super yummy! Store bought has nothing on this stuff. You can really tell the difference. Fresh is best!
I had a visitor in my garden! Look how beautiful he is. Well I assume its a he....I have no proof but I think he winked at me. He is kinda cute....just sayin.
Meet Cally.  You see he was tortured by my 6 year old daughter Emma. She had him in a bucket and carried him around everywhere.  I finally told her to let him go because his family missed him.  As he crawled away she cried.  Run Cally and don't look back!!!! Poor thing.

For the first time our twins are able to play soccer with the older girls.  Megan (left) has taken a liking to it.  Emma (right) says its not her thing.  Makes me sad because they are getting older and more independent.. Sniff sniff....
Riley decided to run away yesterday for a few hours.  Ever since she came back she has been doing this.  We call it "Worshiping the sun god".  Wonder what adventure she went on?
What a goofball.  She thinks its her job to kill any fly that lands near her. Funny to watch.
She has the face only a daddy can love.  What a daddy's girl.
We will soon be eating patti pans! And crook neck, zucchini and.....
PINK BANANA SQUASH!!! First time growing it and I'm excited!! These things are so beautiful when full grown and I can't wait to try them out. I bet their super yummy!.
My Scarlett beans are blooming!! These beans are the most beautiful plants to grow.  Can't wait to take pictures of the actual beans.  They are fuzzy little things.
Found this little pretty growing in my compost.  It now has a home in my garden wall.  Love foxgloves!

Emma is loving the new Scarlett flowers.  She really loves hanging out with me in the garden.
Well that and wearing her bathing suit all day long.  She would wear it every single day if I let her. 

The girls took it upon themselves to paint pretty pictures on lots of things.  Here you can see a left over piece of wood painted. Stepping stones, bricks and random rocks as well.  I think it gives character to my garden.  The girls think it invites garden fairy's.  So cute.
We took a trip to my grandmothers house yesterday.  I was able to snag 10 bleeding heart plants and plant them in my front garden. I wanted to take some pictures of her house again but the place was so overgrown that we literally had to walk in line or we would of lost our kids.  The grass was that tall!!  So I decided not to take a picture.  I want to keep the beautiful memories in my head.Her beautiful garden, beautiful flower garden in front and her wonderful old house.   This picture is dedicated to gram.  I love you and miss you very much.  You will never be forgotten and your spirit still lives on in me.  I will remember you each time I look in my front yard. 

Today we will be spending time with our neighbors celebrating the 4th of July.  I hope you have a great day and enjoyed the pictures.  Peace

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