Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday drive down memory lane

Todays post is dedicated to my Mom and Grandma Mary. Both I owe everything I know.

Yesterday we decided to go on a Sunday Drive.  In my mind Sunday drive means my Aunt Robin and Uncle Jim driving us around in their car.  We all packed in like sardines and once you were in there was no way of getting out.  Hours of driving around looking out the window when I would much rather be home playing with my toys.  What a drag! Well that's how I felt back then.  Today I appreciate all those Sunday drives because they taught me to appreciate nature for what it is. 

My husband had a plan in his head and we were along for the ride.  I knew it would involve some sort of logging road because he grew up in the sticks of Gales Creek Oregon.  What I didn't know was that I would be going down memory lane as well. 

We hit highway 26 headed towards the beach direction.  The first stop was a favorite of mine.  When I was younger my Aunt Eva and Uncle Lu ran a cute Log Cabin Restaurant on Old Wilson River Highway.  Anytime there was a holiday or birthday we all headed out there to eat and celebrate. 
It looks pretty much the same even with new owners.  Sign is still very inviting and bright as ever.  It was nice to see that there are no major changes.  It felt like coming home to be honest. Well minus all the family and crazy relatives. 
The same rustic doors welcome you and that old annoying step up that you knew was there but still always tripped on it.  These days they put a sign up. I still tripped on it.
My favorite part of the place is this massive fireplace.  During the winter holidays we would come in freezing and warm up next to the fire that was nice and toasty.  Its still as beautiful as I remembered it.  The new owners are trying to turn it into a gas fireplace. I told him nothing is as good as a wood burning fireplace and it would change the atmosphere. Not sure if I changed his mind but it saddens me to think of this beautiful fireplace going to waste. 

I found this old picture on Google.  This is what it looked like when my family ran it.  As you can see the same red hanging lights are still still there.  Carpet has been replaced with red carpet.  See what I mean about the cheesy table clothes? Smaller tables make it more intimate.  Mental note: Track down old photos from family.

The chairs are all the same as I remembered but the tables and cheesy table clothes pretty much ruined it for me.  We ordered food which came on random china.  Food was not as good but nothing to complain about.  The prices are rock bottom but the coffee tasted like rocks. But don't take my word for it because I'm spoiled by amazing coffee from Portland.  If you like Folgers then this is your kind of coffee.  Our waitress went to school with one of my cousins.  It was a family affair and one of them was always there. 

What thing I did love was all the coloring books and crayons they had.  This is a huge bonus when you have kids.  My girls didn't get bored once.  One thing I did miss about the cabin was all the old antiques and family pictures.  The walls were filled to the brim with things.  As a kid I remember sitting down staring at the walls. So many old tools that really intrigued me.  There was two old large pictures of a couple that I was told was our relatives.  As a child they totally freaked me out. No smiles? Now I know that it was just like that back then.  But I was FREAKED by it when I was younger. 
Last but not least I had to make sure the bar top was still the same.  Phew! It was.  The bar had coins that spelled LOG CABIN LOG CABIN.  They are encased in resin so there is no way anyone is getting them out.  I dreamed of how I could get those dollar coins out of there.  Just think of all the candy and toys I could buy?  Seriously every time we went there this was in my thoughts.

But anyways this was the highlight of my day.  I love visiting all the places from my past.  I want my girls to know how we grew up and appreciate everything that comes their way.  The Log Cabin was and is one of my favorite places. 

After we filled our bellies we started driving into the woods.  I couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else besides Oregon.  Green everywhere your eyes can look.  Whats not to love about that?  Ferns carpet the forest floor and trees take over the sky.  The smell....oh my gosh the smell is Divine.
We stopped by a park out in the middle of no where to take a pit stop.  It was so beautiful that we decided to take a hike down to a creek.  Just look how inviting this trail is.  I want to live here.  I want to wake up to this everyday.  I want to hear this every morning.  Well until I need a coffee then back to real life I go.

We follow the curvy trail for about 15 minutes.  My girls have walking sticks and poke any plant they find weird.  I trail behind taking pictures of mushrooms and trees.  They are my friends.  In my mind. You get the idea. 
I felt like we were in a fairy tale.  Like we were trying to catch the rabbit and were about to run into a tea party.  Where's the queen? I'll cut her head off! But we didn't see any rabbit or tea party.  Just beautiful trees everywhere. 
We finally found the creek and quickly threw rocks in it.  The twins never get to throw rocks so they didn't waste any time throwing them.  Hailey loves taking in the scenery and Alyssa was trying to make the biggest splash with her rocks. 
Megan oh Megan.  Off in her own little world poking things in the water.  My girls were at home.  They wanted a creek to have in their back yard.  We could just put it in our pockets and no one would know. Totally possible. Maybe. Okay no.  But they can dream.
We headed back up to the truck. Enjoyed all the peaceful sounds all the way up.  Goodbye beautiful forest.  Until next time.  I leave with a smile on my face and heart.

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