Friday, November 4, 2011

$50 a week

This week I didn't really need any fresh veggies or fruit because I still have some from last week.  Today's shopping was about snacks, new food items and things we ran out of.

Grocery Outlet

$5.94 Organic Garbanzo Beans-Really into hummus right now. Easy and healthy snack.
$2.69 Oats-I don't normally buy these prepackaged but my daughter needs the package for school.
$2.99 Challenge Butter
$5.99 Salami 2lbs-Usually deli has it $4.99 per lb so I'm saving $4 by buying this way
$1.98 Organic Kidney Beans 2 cans
$2.38 Tomato Soup 2 cans.  My oldest is loving grilled cheese with soup.
.59 Mustard
$1.98 Organic Black Beans 2 cans
$1.98 Organic Pinto Beans


Whole Foods

$4.99 5lbs of White Rice
$3.99 12 rolls of Recycled Bathroom Tissue
$4.99 Stainless Steel Cleaner/Wax (damn Kitchen Aid fridge is starting to rust. WTF?)
$2.50 RBST Free Milk 1 gallon
$4.99 Coffee Beans Whole 1lb


Trader Joes

$3.98  Puffy treats 2 bags
$3.87 Organic Pasta 3 bags
$2.29 Ginger/Mango Chutney (new recipe)
$1.99 Curry Powder (new recipe)
$2.69 Organic Raisins (new recipe plus for snacks)
$3.29 Jasmine Rice 3lbs



So I blew my budget. As you can see I got a little carried away with the organic beans but in my own defense this was a good price and I wanted to get them while the Grocery Outlet had them.  Things sell out and are lost forever in that place.  You really cannot snooze or you will lose.  Now I will not have to buy these for a long time.

I am not in the red because last week I went way under budget.  My favorite produce stand was closing for the season so I scored some great deals on fresh produce. He was selling everything at 50% off and I went a bit nuts.

I am trying a new recipe and once I make it I will take a picture and share the recipe with you.  Well honestly I don't have an actual recipe. I was at Trader Joe's and they had a sample of this rice dish so I wrote down the ingredients and thought "I can make that!" . So we will see. lol

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