Saturday, November 12, 2011

The A to Z Guide to Me

The A to Z Guide to Me

I totally stealing this and would love to give credit to whoever started it but cannot find that person. So I will give credit to Crunchy Chicken and call it good. Enjoy and pass it on!

Age-35 but feel more like 20

Bed Size-Queen. Big enough to scoot away from the hubby when I'm hot but small enough so I don't go too far away.

Chore I hate-Bathrooms, putting away clothes, sweeping and dusting. That's one right?

Dogs-One dog and her name is Riley.  She's afraid of everything but is strangely addicted to the red laser. Even more strange is the fact that I can play with the laser for hours. Run dog and

Essential start to my day-Coffee whom I owe everything to.

Favorite color-Any shade of green and deep purple.

Gold or silver-I prefer silver but some how gold slips into my life.  Beggars can't be choosers.

Height-5'5 on a good day.

Instruments-iPhone.  Only thing I know how to use that makes noise besides my mouth.

Job title-Mom, wife, sister, daughter and volunteer. Or as I like to be called Awesome.

Kids-4. Alyssa 13, Hailey 11, Emma 7 and Megan 7.  This is why I'm crazy.

Live-Southeast Portland, Clackamas, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, St Helen's and now Northwest Portland Oregon.

Mother's Name-Debra, Debbie or as I call her Mom.

Nickname-Mama, mom, Mah Ther, honey,  nany, aunt nany and Nanc. I'm sure there are some I'm leaving out as well.

Overnight hospital stays-Each time I gave birth which was 3 times.  Also the day my father passed away. Technically I didn't sleep over but I was there ALL day long. Never want to do that ever again. Although I should note that the hospital food has come a long way so...

Pet Peeve-People who drive like slugs on the highway but speed down regular streets. WTF? People who park their big ass trucks into compact car spots. I park my euro van way out in the parking lot because of this.  People who don't use their turn signals. I literally want to bash my vehicle into them each time I see this.  I'm seeing a pattern here.

Quote from a movie="My daddy HATES these boots!" Anyone tell me which movie this quote came from?

Right hand or left hand? Right hand. All but 3 of my kids are right handed as well. Emma has to be different of course.

Siblings-I am the youngest of 5. 4 brothers and 1 sister.  Tim, Mark, Dave and Deb. I only grew up with my sister but these last few years I have been given a chance to grow up with my brothers.  Love you guys.

Time I wake up-During the week 7am but during the weekends I try to sleep in as much as possible.  I LOVE my sleep. But my kids like to ruin it for me so I'm usually up at 8:30am.

Underwear-Well I own too many because I cannot say no to a good cute pair of undies.  How many can one lady own? Well apparently like a hundred. Story goes that my grandmother from my DNA dad's side said always wear clean undies because you never know if your going to be in an accident and get your clothes cut off. Always wanna look like a lady. Yeah and you wonder why I'm weird.

Vegetable I hate-Love everything except okra and eggplant.  It's all about the texture.

What makes me run late-My kids. (fist in air)

X-rays-None that I can think of.

Yummy food I make-If you ask me I say everything.  Ask Alyssa and it would be Macaroni and cheese.

Zoo animal-Strangely my favorite thing at the Oregon Zoo is the farm animals.  All of which you can see if you just drive on the country roads out here. Well sometimes in friends backyards too. 

Fun huh? Pass on and have fun.

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