Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Penny Pinching Christmas

You can save money at Christmas many different ways.  Here are a few things to inspire you.
In 2009 I made several ornaments. These copper ornaments are super easy. They are made from frozen juice metal lids, ribbon and left over copper sheeting from another project.  I simply drew a design on the copper, used a pen to make a imprint on the copper then wrapped the copper around the metal lid.  I then added ribbon onto the copper on the back.  No glue needed!
This year I bought many santa's from a little thrift store.  I remember these from when I was a child so I had to get them.  Paid $1.00 for 5 of them. Now thats a deal!
One of my very good friends gave my girls each a ornament with their names on them.  They are always on our tree.  I think giving ornaments for gifts is a great idea.  Helps them save money and is an inexpensive gift for you to buy.  Thank you Krisin!

Another year we took pine cones, added glutter on the edges and then added ribbon to hang them.  These are super cheap and easy to make! Kids love to make this one.

When I was working at Michaels (did for 10 yrs) after each season they would take down the examples and toss them into the trash.  I took these cute guys home for free!

When we brought home our Christmas tree my husband trimmed the bottom so we could put the tree in our tree holder.  I used the trimmed pieces to make my wreath.  I saved a wreath form that I bought last year just so I could use it again.  I then found some red raffia and made a bow to put on it.  This was a FREE project!
This beautiful tree skirt was painted by my mom when I was young.  It looks exactly the same and even smells the same each year when I bring it out.  Sorry mom but im keeping it! Christmas would not be Christmas without this tree skirt. 
Here is our tree today.  Some bought, some hand made, some are 2nd hand and some are given to us.  Simple but beautiful.  And pay no attention to the angel on top.  Its a little crooked like we are.

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