Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ruby And Her Angels

When I think of Christmas it's not about my favorite things given to me.  It's not about the amazing food I ate.  Its not even about the (dare I say it?) tree.  I think of the moment I pull our Christmas boxes down from the garage and dig into them to find my favorite pieces.  Oh sure I could just run up to Target and buy some cheaply made plastic decorations.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  And for two reasons. 

2. Nothing is made to last

Today I am sharing my ultimate favorite Christmas things.  Enjoy and share if you have these or remember them.  I LOVE THEM!
I picked up this pretty thing at a little out of the way thrift store.  It reminds me of the angel decorations from when I was little.  Their expression on her face just makes me smile. 

Seriously how beautiful and delicate is this little pretty? Her glitter is almost all gone but you can still see sparkles here and there.  I'm pretty sure it was a ornament at one time but these days she sits on my fireplace mantle.  When I turn on my lights she sparkles ever so much. LOVE.

These are absolutely adorable.  They have some paint chipping off here and there but I fix that with some pens and paint.  Just look at their faces! I mean COME ON!

This little thing is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! My mother had one of these and I remember as a child always wanting to hold her.  I found this one at a thrift shop and almost peed when I saw it sitting on the shelf. I have no idea how old she is or how she lasted this many years but I am thankful she has made it to my home.  She sits atop a little tree we decorate each year and put on a table.  Perfect size!

Last year I found this party vintage paper party sign.  It is very old and again I have no idea how something like this could last this long.  Its one of those paper party signs you throw out after you use it.  I think some older couple from the depression kept this and finally let it go.  They held on to everything (including my grandmother) because they didn't have much and what they did have they treasured.  People these days are such a disposable mass of people. I just know kids these days will not have many things to cherish as I do.  My kids will be lucky because I treasure all of my things. Each year this sign will be up on our entry way beam for all to see.
Again here you see more paper decorations I found in thrift shops.  I find them, fix them and then laminate them to last for years and years.  I just love the curly hair around her cheeks. 
Then you have the cute little snow man with a winter hat and mittens.  Love the smile on him.

This Santa is one of my girls favorites.  From his Rosy pink cheeks to his fuzzy eye brows. 

And another snow man.  There is never enough of them. 
And then there are these.  I mean COME ON!!!! They seem to be made from bits of plastic melted together.  I have no idea how old they are but they look like they would be from the 40's-50's.  You see why I love thrift shops?
A new tradition is all thanks to my oldest daughter.  She has always loved nutcrackers so each year we get her a new one.  We moved to this home and these were lost in the shuffle.  So for one year they were not out and my daughter was so sad because she thought she lost them forever.  The next year we finally found them and it was like Christmas day for her.  They now live on our buffet side table each December protecting the tree. 

This year I turned one of my handmade plates, a ugly brass candle holder, a broken vintage pine candle ring and some smelly pine cones into a lovely table display.  I burn a apple/cinnamon candle which makes my home smell lovely.
Last but not least we have these.  My grandmother had ruby table wear stashed away and I always heard of it but never saw it.  When she passed away earlier this year we were going through her stuff and I stumbled upon all her ruby wear.  I swear I almost peed my pants.  It was like I hit gold and I screamed for my mom.  It now lives at my mothers place once again stashed away and never see the light of day. 
A few years ago I started collecting ruby wear from different stores.  Fred Meyers and Target were selling them for just a few years and I only allowed myself to buy them if they were at least 50% off.  I now proudly own 6pc setting of wine glasses, goblets, mugs, bowls, plates and large bowls.  I now proudly own two green pieces of glass bowls that were my grandmothers.  Each year we use these every day from December to all the way up to Valentines day.  It's something my girls look forward to and I love the beautiful smiles on their faces when we bring them out. 

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