Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Food Budget $193.27

Only I could go in a store and come out with 13 pounds of cheese. Let me explain! I found a way to get cheese with no plastic but it cost me $4.99 per pound this way.  I'm okay with that until I find a good deal.  Tillamook Cheese is a local company to me and I grew up taking day trips to visit the factory. Squeaky cheese is the best! Am I right everyone?? This cheese was only $12.95 for five pounds making this $2.59 a pound. Plus it expires next January so it can last a long time.  Best part is it's RBST free.  Local or not that is a must.  This cream cheese however is not local to me but is RBST free.  I buy this because it's the only cheese my kids will eat. Spent $30.88 at Cash N Carry. Cash n Carry is like Costco but no membership.  Businesses love this place because they carry everything you can imagine to run a food business.  From dishes, silverware, food and even cleaning goods.  Good quality products too.  Down side is they don't carry much organic so you have to read your labels!

Franz Bakery is another local company to me.  Just about anyone who grew up in Portland took a field trip to their bakery.  The smell of that place is permanently embedded into my brain.  Remember the bread highway??  They have outlets around Oregon that sell their day old break items for cheap.  This is a huge savings to me. I spent $5 on these 5 bags of bagels (which I haven't even figured out how to make yet). These retail for over $3 each usually. I don't buy boxed cereal usually so my kids eat things like bagels, English muffins or sometimes just bread and butter. I'm addicted to the "everything" bagels. Mmmmmm!

Needed the usual of milk and half n half. Sunshine Dairy is another local company to me and I love all their products. One day I want to take a tour of their building...hint hint Sunshine Dairy!!! I have a reader whose husband works there.  I'm all about supporting local companies especially the ones I LOVE their products.  Papaya's are only 5 for $5 so I snagged a few of them.  Wasn't much fruit on sale so I grabbed another bag of apples for $3.99.  This makes them only $1.25 per pound and that's the best price I could find for organic apples.  My girls will be eating this fruit in their lunches all week.  Total spent at Whole Foods was $14.47

I picked up some deals on organic bell peppers last week and needed to use them up before they went bad.  I usually cut them up the day I buy them but I forgot this time.  So I quickly chopped them up and put them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer they went.  I will always have peppers on hand because they always add such a great fresh flavor to just about any meal.  This saves me money by buying them fresh and freezing them on my own.  Look how beautiful the color is!

So my total for the month of April is $192.27

We have had a few days of sunshine here in Oregon so I took advantage and was able to line dry about 8 loads of laundry.  Woot! Ive also been getting things done around the yard. 

How did you enjoy your sunshine?? 

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