Saturday, July 14, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge Week 4 Hard Labor

 Last week my husband built our deck and I saved all the left over lumber because I knew I could make some small garden beds from it. Look how pretty they turned out.  I nailed them together and slapped some linseed oil all over them. Now where to put them.....

I like to take advantage of every square inch of my garden area.  I picked up some seed's for my winter garden and finally decided where to put my beds.  2 on either side of my garden gate will be perfect.  I had a small rectangle garden box with flowers here and I would much rather have some edibles here instead.  I planted beans on the right and chard on the left. 

On the left side of the gate I have come cement blocks I re purposed into planters.  My are doing very well here so I decided to leave them as is.  I simply put the beds in the front of them.  Radishes on the right and carrots on the left.  Ive never grown radishes or really ever liked them but I'm determined to start liking them.  I also want my girls to experience every single vegetable so there's no time like the present!

 I then moved some wooden garden box beds so I could make room for 2 more garden beds.  Here I planted romaine lettuce on the right and broccoli on the left. 

Instead of buying organic dirt I just used our compost dirt.  Since I don't turn it often this is dirt 3 years in the making. Yeah I'm kinda lazy.  Its beautiful dirt and the seeds should thrive off this stuff. 

 Last week I put straw around all my cucumber and pumpkin plants.  Its been in the 80's all week and I have had to water 2x a day.  Now when I water the straw should keep the water from evaporating so quickly and now I only have to water once a day. Woot!  My tomatoes are coming along good and I even have some flowers!

 We moved our bench away from our fireplace and leveled it.  I will be planting my jasmine plants on either side to grow up the side of the bench. Can't wait! Jasmine is just so beautiful and smells wonderful.  On the right side of this bench I had to dig up a huge mound of grass.  Since the dirt was so hard it took me forever and I felt like I was having a heat stroke. Tomorrow should be cloudy so jasmine can wait till then. 

 We had a 2 story play structure in that big dirt area you see here. My husband demolished the first story and then his friends helped him move the top story up in that back corner behind the bushes and tree's.  This is our girls private play area now. Now we have a big area to decide what to do next with.

Can you see the playhouse? We want our girls to have their own space to play as they want and this turned out perfect.  Our willow tree will be getting bigger and should help out with the privacy.  There is also a apple tree (cut down before we bought this house) that has started to grow and another tree which I have yet to determine what it is.  Once this has filled in it should look better.

 While we were doing yard work the twins washed their barbie clothes and hung them to dry.  Also hung are stuffed animals and anything else they could get their dirty little fingers on. It kept them busy so I can't complain!

Lulu had decided that the brooder isn't good enough so she lays her eggs in this corner. Nope no cedar shavings just poop and straw is what she likes. Darn chicken!

So as you can see I didn't have time to run at all.  I literally have not ran since my race on the 4th of July.  But as you can see I did do some hard labor! I'm just happy I got my winter garden in and going finally.  I will also be planting things as I take things out.  Its a unorganized organized garden. Make sense?  

So did you get out and get fit? Or did you get sidetracked like I did?

Are you joining the Go Green Get Fit Challenge?
If so did you complete any of your goals?
Share with me!

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