Thursday, July 5, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge Week 3 Foot Traffic Flat

3 weeks ago I signed up for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge along with about 30 other bloggers. My number one goal was to run 5K in the Foot Traffic Flat.  Ive done many races over the last few years so I knew what I was getting into.
  This year I think my body has decided to feel old. I have never had any physical issues with running and its been as easy as breathing for me. In December of 2011 I started having hip pain and went to my doctor about it. After a x-ray they found that I had a chip off my hip joint which they think happened when I gave birth to my twins in 2004. Well ever since then I have had serious hip pain whenever I run. 

And now every time I think of running or training for a race I literally cringe.  I knew if I do run I will have days of pain because of it. Ugh. I told myself I wasn't going to do the race and actually gave excuses to myself for it. The shuttle buses were sold out and I had not picked up my race packet with my number in it. Then 2 days before the race my friend Tessie called me and offered to pick my bib number up and wanted to carpool with me. Uh oh. You know what this meant? I couldn't give any excuses anymore! That's right Nancy suck it up and get your ass out on the pavement!

So 5am I woke up and drove out to my friends house.  She was running the 12.5 mile half marathon and I was running the 3.5 mile 5K.  I was running this race with absolutely no training what so ever.

 Here I am half way through the race. I started in the very front but quickly was passed up by the faster runners. I has to stop and walk a few times because I just couldn't catch my breath.  This was a first for me so I knew I was wrong by not training.  I had this self confidence because of running so many races before. Yep I was cocky. Reality check!

And here I am running at the half way point.  I was still hanging in there pretty good. I kept at it and didn't give up.  When my side hurt I would walk. REALLY FAST! When my side cramp went away I was running again.  And then I crossed the finish line.  It was then that I was thankful for not giving up.  I was thankful for Tessie calling me and dragging me out there. And I was thankful for the free strawberry shortcake promised to all runners. I'm not gonna lie. It was damn good.  I then waited in the grass for my friend to cross the finish line.  I was her cheering squad!

I can happily cross off one goal and will think up another goal to add to my list.  After this challenge I think I will just keep adding goals and finishing goals. Not only is this a great thing to keep myself healthy but its also a great ego boost.  Keeping me on track and hopefully keeping me busy and my hip pain will go away. 

So are you up for a challenge? We still have 9 weeks in the challenge and who doesn't love company during these? I know I need them.  Here are some easy ways to get involved

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