Friday, January 31, 2014

Fixation Friday with a 10 Pound Dictionary

I'm a HUGE fan of Anthony Bourdain.  Years ago when we had cable we would watch No Reservations. I fell in love with his humor and his love for simple good food.  Ive been wanting to read his books but kept putting it off until a recent visit to our public library. This is the only book Medium Raw A bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook in and I grabbed it.  So far I'm loving it. Including his thoughts on The Food Network.  This man just gets me. 

I was looking to find books that highlight cooking during The Great Depression but had a very hard time finding anything at all like it.

Here is what I ended up bringing home:
Note:I'm non profit & make no money from these links. Just wanted to share these books with you.

My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss (Creator of The Wednesday Chef)
A love story with recipes.

I actually found this book on a table where someone just left it there. It was a sign because Ive been wanting to try my hand at making bread in my oven and not in my machine.

The Medieval Kitchen by Odile Redon, Francoise Sabban and Silvano Serventi 
My oldest daughter is researching medieval knights so when I saw this in the cooking section I grabbed it to show her. She stuck her nose up at it but it intrigued me so I kept it. 

I'm no longer fixated with my baby chicks.  They are finally past the baby stage and refuse to snuggle with me no matter how soft or warm my shirt is. But I'm thankful because I forgot to bring them in last night and they survived. Phew! They live in a very large dog crate which I bring inside each night to keep them warm.  My big hens are not very nice to them right now so I have to wait till they get a bit bigger before they become my little hen gang in the backyard.  I also forgot to shut our chicken coop door and lucked out that a raccoon didn't find them. My allergies kicked my butt last night and I fell asleep on the couch very early. Oops.  

My 9 year old daughter was at the table doing her math homework when she didn't know what a word meant. So what does a good mom do? Hands her a dictionary.  But I threw my own twist in it and handed her a old leather hardback Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Fifth Addition from 1947.  She should be happy I didn't give her my Dictionary I received from my grandmothers place.  Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary from 1956. It is HUGE and weighs about 10 lbs.  I'm talking huge as in you could use it for a doorstop.  I'll save that one for next time.  

I'm trying to add color to my bedroom. My current quilt is white and I have white cotton sheets with matching white cotton pillowcases.  Don't get me wrong I love white but my white bed needs a punch of color.  Yesterday I scored a Pier One pillow that has bright beautiful flowers on it made from silk.  Would of cost me $20 if I bought it new. I scored mine for $1.99. Woot! Little by little I will add color. I'm hunting for stuff that will go on my walls now. We will see what I end up doing & I'm sure I will share with you. 

Did I mention how Ive always been fixated on board & dice games? My favorite is Yahtzee! I shared my love on my Facebook page and learned I'm not the only one. Woot! So I planned a game night on the last Friday of every month at my favorite coffee shop. Tonight is our first night and I cannot wait. Woot! 

Last but not least I'm still fixated on replacing polyester household items with cotton.  Blankets are my current obsession but I plan on not buying any polyester sheets or pillowcases.  It seems like kids bedding is only made from it.  Guess I should be thankful my girls are older and no longer want Care bear or My Little Pony bedding sets. I keep an eye at my favorite thrift stores for nice quality cotton sheets & pillowcases for my girls.  One by one everything will be replaced and our current ones will be donated.  

So thats what Ive been fixated on this week.  

What about you? What are you fixated on? 

You a board & dice game lover as well? Whats your favorite game?

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Turning the Clock Back said...

We LOVE Anthony Bourdain! In fact, my husband and I probably spend most of our free time watching cooking shows!