Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Cure Assignment #5 Buffet

Through the month of January I will be doing The January Cure by Apartment Therapy.  Each day we have a task to do and our goal is by the end of the month your home should be organized.  I'm loving it so far because each task is small enough to tackle and not enough to overwhelm yourself.  

Assignment #5 Do one thing on your list.

I decided to tackle my buffet.  Its filled with all my Christmas dinnerware, my girls tea party supplies, candles, candle holders, table clothes and fabric napkins. Plus a whole bunch of other junk.  

Here is my before picture. Sooooo junky.

I started out by pulling everything out of the buffet.  I cleaned all dust and tossed any garbage.  Then once by one I put everything back into the buffet making sure I have like items with each other.  Anything I didn't need or use I put into a donate box.  Not gonna lie it was hard to do.  But in the end I know I purged exactly what needed purging.  Once it was done I felt so much better.  

After Picture. Ahhhh !

I moved my candles because I didn't have as many as I did tablecloths.  So tablecloths went into the door area and candles into the drawers.  The drawer above the candles is filled with candle holders.  Middle medium drawers are filled with fabric napkins and top drawers are filled with salt n pepper shakers, extra silverware and matches.  My Christmas dinnerware/tea party supplies stayed in the same place but I organized them better.  Top drawers are filled with photo books and one is filled with extra empty frames. Not pictured but I ended up putting my favorite frames filled with pictures of my family on top of the buffet and I kept my record player up there. I use it often so it stays.  

Here is what I'm donating. 

Fish accessories that I'm not sure why I kept. My girls have  not had a fish in over 3 years.  Lead crystal candle holder that I refuse to touch anymore.  Fabric tablecloth and napkins we don't use.  Clear plates that we don't use.  And a cute little cow creamer dish that I have used maybe once.

I felt so much better doing this. I really do love the feeling of being organized even if its just one small thing.  Can't wait till the end of the month is here and my whole house is organized. Woot!

So you ready to join us? Head on over to Apartment Therapy and check The January Cure out!

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