Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away!

I'm a Oregonian inside and out.  We love our rain.  Heck we don't even use umbrellas unless its a monsoon outside.  Oh and flip flops? Those we wear all year long.  But as you can see we have lots of water.  A few weeks ago we had a week of snow and the news channels said we were in a drought and there was no need to worry about flooding.  Well a few days ago my husband was checking under our house to make sure the gas guy would have no issues putting our gas line in for our new stove.  We had a little bit of water at that time under our home.  Well 2 days later he checked again and we had a lake. 

Ive noticed water pooling under our deck for a little while but honestly our backyard has always done this each Spring.  No red flags here.  

Our sidewalk is old and has looked this way forever.  But its never looked like a island. 

So my husband quickly went and picked up a temperary pump for under our house.   Since we cannot fix any foundation issues till the rain goes away we just needed something to be a quick fix.  Here is this blue hose which shoots out dirty water from under our home.  Yesterday I was holding this tube and letting water shoot out pointed towards our neighbors drainage hole.  Then I had my daughter hold it while I dug a trench to allow water to flow to the drainage hole.  This family is a team when it comes to fixing things. 

Well everything seemed fine till this afternoon when my husband came home from work.  The tube had fallen back under our house and water was coming back in. UURRRR!!!!! So we picked up another tube and came up with a different plan.   Here you can see the tube goes directly out to the front of our house and down our driveway.  

What does all this mean? It means maybe or maybe not will I get my new stove up and working this week.  Look how pretty and sad it looks.  We are doing all the work ourselves except for this gas line which may or may not be able to be put in.  If the gas guy says its too wet then we can't do anything till the rain goes away.  So for now I cook in my torn up kitchen.

So if you need me I will be doing my own rain dance singing "Rain rain go away!".

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