Monday, March 10, 2014

Don't Throw In The Towel

We've all been there.  You give your bathroom a make over or completely overhaul it like we did.  This means that you need to buy new bathroom linens right?  There goes another $100+  towards the bathroom debt.  Not me! 

If you have closed cabinets you can simply hide them and no one would be the wiser.  But as you can see we have open shelves and I had to get creative.  I only did two things and each thing saved me a bundle of money.

1.  I kept all my white linens and folded them so you can't see the colors.  Most I have had for years, some were given to me by my mama when she bought new ones but also some were gifts.  They are in excellent shape and I see no sense in buying new linens just so they match my new bathrooms decor.  

2.  I picked up some grey towels at my favorite thrift store that sells by the pound.  These towels are a major brand and are made really well.  I simply bought them and washed them on hot water.  Used towels are no big deal to me. I would much rather pay 50 cents each than pay $10-$15 for each towel brand new. Not only is this saving me money but I'm also avoiding new resources, packaging and it keeps me out of big box stores.  Woot! 

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We did our bathroom 100% DIY style which saves a ton of money! 


Patricia Hall said...

Good ideas!

oboyorganic said...

I just went through my linen closet and gave away a bunch of towels, mostly baby towels that we just don't use anymore. It felt so nice to organize everything. I never thought of looking at a thrift store for towels. If they are gently used then washing in hot water should do the trick!