Thursday, April 10, 2014

Infused Simple Syrup

In the beginning of the summer I bought a 6 pack of herbs by Drunken Botanist.  My 6 pack included two mint plants, one lavender, one anise, one scented geranium and one Angelia.  They smelled so darn good! At $9.99 a pack it was a high price but as long as the plants last a long time I was okay with it.  Not only are they great smelling but they also can be infused in simple syrups! I had great intentions ha ha. Well I just now got around to doing something with them. 

I ripped off some leaves and the instructions say to add 50/50 water and sugar ratio. Feel free to  use any herb you like.   So I grabbed my organic sugar, water and my herbs and headed into the kitchen.  I did just as it said. 2 cups of water with 2 cup of organic sugar. One herb I did't have many leaves so I made a small batch.  Heat mixture with herbs till water comes to a boil and sugar has dissolved.  I then turned off the heat and covered with a lid.  Let set for one hour.  

Once cooled I poured each simple syrup into their own mason jar. I made sure to strain all the leaves out and put lids on them.  Again I let them completely cool before putting them in the fridge.  Also make sure to write on each one what it is because they all look the same.  Here is the end results. Beautiful golden colored simple syrups. 

Now go buy some carbonated water, add as little or much as your simple syrup as you want and enjoy your all natural soda! 

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