Sunday, May 4, 2014

Second Hand Treasure-Outdoor Mat $2.67

I really needed a mat for my back door because our dog comes in and out and tracks dirt everywhere. I checked my local big box store and they wanted $20+ for them. You may be thinking $20 isn't that bad but it's not in my budget right now. Remember my kitchen redo? Yeah I have little or no extra money for things we "want" only for what we "need".  So I left all those pretty mats and walked out not spending a penny. 

A couple of weeks later I went shopping at my local Goodwill Outlet where they sell everything by the pound.  I spotted this mat in a bin on my way to the register. It has a small tear on the top right but you can't see it unless you flip it over. It weights 3 lbs which means I paid .89 x 3 = $2.67.  You bet I snatched that mat up. Woot! 

The lesson I learned was if you want something just wait. You never know when you will randomly find a good deal. This rug is on it's 2nd life with us and will last for many years. Why buy new when you can save something from possibly going to the landfill? Shopping 2nd hand is just another form of recycling. 

Win for me! And our dog doesn't track in dirt anymore. Woot! 

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