Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Ornament on the cheap

My husband built a wood shed outside our home and embellished it with some copper he bought at a local Home Depot. While he was working in it I found some extra pieces he left on the floor of our garage. There was no way I was going to let any of this copper go to waste. I just love copper. I found some juice tops (from frozen concentrate), ribbon, a color book, scissors, and a pencil and went to work. This could also be done with thin aluminum if you have it. Also bought at Home Depot in the roofing area. Here is how I did this.

1. Cut copper in a circle leaving about 1/2 inch around the juice lid.
2. Decide your pattern (mine was our initials) and write it backwards. Works best with a stencil.
3. Put copper on the color book and trace pretty hard your design with your pencil. This should leave your copper embossed. If you have an embossing tool it would work best.
4. Once pattern is done lay over your juice lid. Your extra copper around the edge should be snipped every centimeter or so.
5. Pick where the top of the ornament will be, you will want to use your ribbon to wrap your copper around so you will not have to glue it on. Once your ribbon is on start wrapping all the other extra copper around the juice lid. There is no need for glue on this project.
6. Once all copper is wrapped around the edge of the juice lid, take the same pencil and use it to make sure all copper is bent properly around it.
7. Your done!

Here is your end results!

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