Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Organic Buckwheat Pillow

I have been searching for a comfortable pillow for a few years now. Each time I find a new type of pillow I get discouraged.  Have you seen the prices of these pillows? From down to foam shaped these things can cost you anywhere from $30-$100 or more. Really hard to commit to buying something that you may or may not be comfortable with.  It wasn't until I stumbled upon a bag of organic buckwheat that I thought I might be able to afford such a luxury pillow.  Here's what I ended up doing.

DIY Organic Buckwheat Husk Pillow

What you will need:

Sewing machine or needle and thread

Pillowcase the size you like to sleep with. A thicker cotton one would work best. Use one you have already to save you money.   To make this easier you can buy a zippered pillowcase and simply fill it.  But this will add more cost to this project. 

6-7 bags of organic buckwheat husk. Found mine at Natural Grocers for a little over a buck a bag. Really would love to find them plastic free but this will have to do.

Dried lavender is optional. I grew my own and dried it just for this purpose.

Directions: Sew your pillowcase shut except for about 2-3 inches.  Fill the pillowcase with your buckwheat husk. Remember to add any herbs you would like into it before sewing it shut.  No stems so they don't poke through the pillowcase. I would test your pillow a few times to make sure you have just enough buckwheat husk and not too much.  You will want a little wiggle room to adjust the pillow as you would any pillow. To get the husk into the pillow I made a funnel out of paper and taped it so it wouldn't fall out. Once filled just simply sew the pillowcase shut.  

This pillowcase should last you over 10 years of use.  If it needs more husk simply take a seam ripper to it and add more.  Then simply sew it shut again.  Or if you are using a zippered pillowcase simply unzip and add as much as you want then zip it back up.  

If you need a "How To" video good old Martha has some here.  

Why even use a buckwheat husk pillow?
Buckwheat husk support your head and neck during the night.  Your weight of your head doesn't squeeze the air from the husk and the height of your head doesn't change at all.  No more neck pain or waking up to adjust your pillow.  Buckwheat hulls are temperate.  That means they do not take on heat or cold.  

This project cost me maybe $10.00 to make. I used a pillowcase I already owned that I know has never been exposed to bleach or chemicals.  Ive slept on it so many times so I know its comfortable.  I also grew, picked and dried my own lavender.  You can find dried lavender in the bulk tea section now days but will also add to the cost of this project.  You probably could save on the buckwheat husk by finding some non organic but these are the only ones I have ever seen where I live.  I'm willing to pay the cost for organic because I will be sleeping on this each and every single night.  

Note:Ive yet to sleep on this so I cannot tell you whether its comfortable or not. But I will update as soon as I test this out.  Peace

UPDATE: 1/01/14
Ive been sleeping with this pillow for a week now and so far I'm loving it.  I thought for sure I would hear a crunchy sound but nope. Well I should say only when I move the pillow around with my hand.  I added lavender to mine and get a lovely light smell of it each night.  Other than being crazy heavy I can't think of a negative thing about it. I'm forever changed by this pillow. 

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