Monday, March 22, 2010

Green Review Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value shampoo/conditioner and lotion

These last few years I have switched from horrible toxic cleaners to all natural or homemade ones. Ive switched from nasty sponges to handmade knit ones, paper towels to fabric ones, and just about everything else you can think of. I really want to make our life as green as possible in any way I can. Its a slow process but so worth it.

This week I decided to switch my regular shampoo/conditioner for a all natural option. I really wanted to find something in a metal container ( I dislike plastic!) but only found one option and it was crazy expensive. Once again I asked my trusty Whole Foods gal which shampoo/conditioner was the best seller and affordable. Prices on these range from $3.99-$20+ and besides different smells I really didn't know which one to try. On the top of her best seller list was their 365 Everyday Value line. I ended up choosing their Lavender because its for oily/to normal hair. My hair tends to get oily after 2 days so this one would be perfect. At $3.99 for 16 fl oz each, this is the best value for your money when it comes to all natural hair care. I have 4 daughters and we go through a lot of hair products so this price I can handle.
The 365 everyday value line has
No Parabens
No sodium lauryl sulfate
No sodium laureth sulfate
No artificial fragrance
No animal ingredients or testing
Each bottle is made from 50% post consumer recycled content
Label reads:These ingredients are minimally processed, are easy on the environment and are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergies.

Results:I have used it 2 times so far and love it! At first I thought my hair would smell like a big lavender bush but I was wrong. Its just a nice smell of "clean hair". When I put the shampoo on I was thrown off. It didn't get all sudsy like I was used to and really wasn't sure if I had completely washed my hair or not. My trusty Whole Foods lady says the chemical's is what makes shampoo's sudsy. I rinsed my hair (it was very squeaky clean) then added the conditioner. I left mine on for five minutes because it needed a good deep conditioning treatment.  I rinsed my hair and it felt really soft and completely washed.  Once dry it felt amazing! No crazy dry hair, no oily over conditioned hair, and no build up. Just amazing clean hair. I am hooked. Next I will try out their mint line.
On a side note, I read on their website some reviews on the hair care and there were a lot of not so good comments. Apparently they changed their formula and regular customers say that the new line smells of chemicals.  I have not smelled the old formula and didn't really know there was a new formula so I cannot vouch for any of that information. But I do know that I do not smell any chemicals in my hair care products that I just bought. My shampoo/conditioner says it "Moisturizes and restores" and it delivered.

At the same time I purchased my new shampoo/conditioner I also bought new lotion. Their 356 lotion was also a best seller and budget friendly. This retails $5.99 for 32 fl oz.  They had mint, citrus, lavender and fragrance free. My trusty Whole Foods lady told me that she usually buys the fragrance free and just ad's her own essential oils that she is in the mood for. What a great idea!  I have so many essential oils in my home for making my own cleaning products, candles, soaps, etc. I ended up getting the fragrance free because I really did not like the other scents all that much. I did like the mint but knew one day I might not want the mint. This lotion is also free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, has no artificial fragrance and are not tested on animals or made of any animal ingredients.

Results:That night I took a bath and used this lotion. One thing the trusty lady didn't tell me was that a little goes a long way. Holy cow! This bottle will last me a long time for sure and making my money stretch even further! Its nice, light and doesn't make my skin oily feeling. It absorbs nicely and keeps me feeling protected. I absolutely love this stuff!  I love it so much that I decided to get rid of my old lotions that I felt horrible about using them. You know...the VS $10 a bottle with matching body sprays? I donated them all to my daughters friends. They were happy and so was I. I did keep all my sprays because I use them like perfume and they do not touch my skin.  Once they are gone, its all natural perfume as well.

If you would like to find out more about Whole Foods 365 line CLICK HERE . Its not just whole body products but everything you can think of. Just about each item your looking for will have a 365 everyday value product. You save big money by buying their line of products. 

Whats next? Perfume, hair spray, and anything else you can think of. I am taking my time but eventually all toxic and unhealthy items will be out of my home for good!

What about you? You have a favorite shampoo/conditioner you use? Speak up and share with everyone!

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Unknown said...

Thx for the heads up on the Whole Foods products - Im looking to avoid all this cheminal stuff too. People forget that human skin is an organ that absorbs what you put on it ....

For me, I've started using beer as a rinse for my hair. Works great, my hair is really shiny now. And, nope. I don't smell like a bar. Hee Hee

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