Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving my camera

I really enjoy taking pictures of my garden and I have my camera to thank for that.  We bought a Nikon D3000 about a year ago because our older camera finally crapped out on us.  This camera was very pricey but to be honest its worth every penny.

With my old camera I would not be able to get this close to anything. I am obsessed with taking close up shots now. Here is my cosmo which I thought was a zinnia for weeks.
I mean look at this picture.  I just love raindrop pictures.  Sneaky spiders have been working overtime in my garden.
My Nikon captures colors so well.  This flower is so small and delicate which you can get the feel of in this picture. This. year I grew Iceland Poppy plants from seed. They are so tiny and delicate
I can focus on things from far off or......
Or I can get up close and have the background fuzzy which is my favorite thing to do right now. Now I'm no expert at taking pictures but wow does it make me look like I know what I'm doing. lol
I love taking pictures of my kids.  They are getting annoyed by their paparazzi mom.  I just cannot help myself.  They are growing so fast and I want to capture everything before they are gone onto making their own lives.
Look how beautiful these beans are.  If you have kids who do not like to eat beans then I suggest growing these purple bush beans.  We call these magic beans because they turn green when cooked.  Kids love this sorta stuff.  They taste just like any other green beans but they are bright purple. 
Another thing that's great about getting my new camera is that I find things I normally would not of found had I not walked around taking pictures. Last year my neighbor gave me a rhubarb plant and the bugs ate it all up.  Well looks like it stuck around and came back this year. I quickly gave it some yummy organic dirt and lots of organic slug repel and its doing very well.  Whahoo!! Hopefully it gets very large and I can harvest it someday. I can only wish......

So if your thinking of getting a new camera and are afraid to spend the money I suggest getting a good medium camera.  What I mean by that is don't get the cheapest one or the most expensive. Go for the  camera just out of your price range because you won't want to put it down. 

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I love your photos!