Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge Week 5 with a side of kindness

Week 5 of the Go Green Get Fit Challenge I decided to spend some time in nature while getting some exercise.  My oldest daughter had soccer practice at Commonwealth Park so this was the perfect time to get out in the air with the kids. She could have practice and I can go walk around the pond with my other 3 girls. It was a perfect 75 degree night so I packed a blanket and good old tried and true UNO. Woot!

There are so many things to do here but we always like to sit and look at the pond for a few minutes first.  This lake is so peaceful that you literally could take a nap easily here. From people fishing, kids playing soccer, kids on the play structure, people walking, people jogging, and then the people having a picnic. Its still nice and quiet.
The girls favorite part of the pond is all the underwater life.  I love that all my girls are so curious about nature.

We started our walk as soon as my daughters team mates showed up.  This park has a great path circles around the pond and is only about .8 miles long.  Enough to keep my girls busy and not bored. That's an A+ in my book. 

The twins lead the way hand in hand.  This rarely happens so I had to get proof for my husband. I just love sisterly love :)

Look what I found mama!

 For you mama!

And this is why we love this park so much. BABY DUCKS!!!! I mean come on?

POOF!!  Just like that they are gone. There were about 3 tiny baby ducks doing this over and over again.  Who needs TV when you have this? All we needed was popcorn. And then I would throw it out for the ducks instead of eating it. Hoping no one would catch me. No feeding ducks allowed here :( Then I am sad.

And then we were of again. There are several post with doggy bags along the path.  One of my girls found this little card. What a lovely gift someone left us.

I just love this.  Someone took time out of their life to write this card for others to enjoy.  I wonder how many people have read this already and how many will read it. Inspiring for sure!

My personal favorite part of this day was all the trees. My girls run up to them and hug them.  I love my little tree hugger girls!

 Well I love trees and this. My walking hand in hand with the girls is becoming limited.  They are older and don't need me to hold them up very often anymore.  I snuck in this picture so don't tell them!  What a wonderful night it was.  We came back to our blanket and had a hour long UNO game which a 7 year old beat the pants off of me. My days are crazy filled with chores, grocery shopping, being a taxi, and lots of other things all with 4 kids running circles around me. Tonight was so relaxing and it was just what I needed.

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