Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Food Budget $199.53

May Food Budget

2 lb. Local Ground Pork ($3 per lb) and 1/2 lb local ground beef with bacon ($5.99 per lb) $9.00

New Seasons
4 organic oranges ($1.49 per lb)  $3.00
Organic Cilantro Sale .99 cents
Soy Creamer $3.39

TOTAL $16.38

The Meating Place-Ive been waiting for the place to finally open up for the public. Woot! I walked away happy for a few reasons.  All the meat comes from local farmers. The fact Im keeping our $$ in Oregon makes me happy.  I also asked for no plastic wrap and only paper.  The paper is just plain white paper with no plastic lining or wax. Woot!!! I also love how close it is to my home.  They sell everything from dozens of meats, bones, sandwiches and many local Oregon company products. They even sell my favorite Portlandia Foods Ketchup. Woot!
I had a coupon for 10% off my first order that they handed out to anyone who stopped by before they opened up. I used this and saved $1. Every little bit adds up!

Soy Creamer-I didn't want to pay the $4.49 price of my favorite coconut creamer. I also didn't want to drive extra miles just to get it at my Whole Foods price of $3.99.  So I decided to try this soy creamer out.  Lets just say I won't be buying it again. Yuck. Hubby and I didn't like it one bit. Never again. 

I will continue to update this food budget all month and adding in my total cost in the title.  At the end of the month I will know exactly how much I spent and see where I can improve it and where I'm spending too much. 

Grocery Outlet (185th location)
Coconut Bliss Ice Cream ($2.49 each) $9.96
Arrowhead Mills Cereal ($1.99 each) $7.96
Yellow Ring Peppers (not organic boo!) $2.49
Organic Apple Sauce ($2.39 each)$4.78
Organic Coffee ($5.99 each) $17.97
Miltons Multi Grain ($1.99 each box) $3.98

Total- $47.14

New Season's

Organic Kale ($2.49 each) $4.98
Organic Lemons $1
Organic White Rice (pictured below 2 bags $1.99 each) $3.98
Organic Watermelon ( .59 per lb) $5.90


Whole Foods (lost my receipt so going by memory alone)
Organic Tortilla Chips ($2.69 each) $5.38
Pretzels ($1.69 each) $3.38
Pesto ($2.99 each) $8.97
Organic Tomatoes ($1.49 per lb) $5.50
Organic Whole Wheat Noodles ($1.39 each) $5.56
Organic Bok Choy ($1.49 per lb) $3.00
Organic Celery ($1.49 per lb) $3.00
No Soy/Dairy butter $4.99
Organic Bulk Pepper ($15.84 per lb) $3.64
Coconut Creamer ($3.99 each) $7.98


Stopped by a different Grocery Outlet by my mama's place. Found these good deals 

1 case (12 count $1.99 each) organic, gmo free, corn tortillas $23.88
Kalamata Olives (6 jars $1.49 each) $8.94
Organic Brown Rice (2 lb bag 2 count)  $5.98



Organic Sugar 10lb bag $11.99
Organic Whole Wheat Pasta (8 pack) $8.89

Total $20.98

New Seasons

Heirloom Navel Oranges (4lb bags 3 of them) $8.97

Costco-My husband's work usually covers the cost of a Costco card and that is the only reason I have one or shop there.  Well in July it expires and his work had decided not to pay for them anymore. Organic sugar is expensive when bought in smaller bags and even when you buy it in bulk.  Because of this I will be buying a few more till July to last for a long time.  

Oranges-Normally I don't buy oranges in this netting but these were at a pretty good price and no fruit is on sale or so it seems. So until I can find a good seasonal sale on fruit these will have to do. I really just need them for my girls school lunches.  

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