Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ladies Linens

I picked up a lovely cotton extra large tablecloth for only a buck at a garage sale. It has a few stains from storage but these are time scars if you ask me. I love it all the same. I have visions of a family dinner and this as the show piece. Can't wait! 

This beautiful simple dishtowel was oh so much more than just a dishtowel. Sitting on the table it looks like a standard white towel but I knew it was a old flour sack that someone has hand stitched to repurpose it into a kitchen towel. Look at the stitching and how perfectly imperfect it is. It's asking price of fifty cents was too low but I was happy I found it. You see I will treasure it. 
Last year I collected rose colored glass tea glass and hand embroidered table linens. This collection stays in the greenhouse for impromptu tea parties for my four daughters. 
Well yesterday we found the perfect vintage ladies gloves that will be perfect for my girls. Oh how lovely they are. Best part was the dollar price tag for each. Can't wait till our next tea party. 

All these lovely delicate beauties cost me only $3.50. They were loved for many years and now have come to be loved for many more years in my home. Lets not forget this is just another form of recycling too! 

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