Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bacon Bargain Baby

You will really love me for this I promise. Want to know how you can save money & enjoy your favorite flavor of all???? Mmmmmm bacon. Drool........

For Portland Oregon readers you can find nitrate free bacon ends and pieces at New Seasons for only $3.29 per pound. Yes that's correct $3.29 a pound. It makes no sense to buy bacon slices for $7.99 a pound for soups or your favorite dish. I mean really. That's just crazy talk. 

These ends and pieces are the se bacon you buy sliced. It's just the ends! So go enjoy your bacon and eat it too. 

P.s. It freezes really well & does t need thawed. Simply take it out, cut it up and cook it. 

P.s.s. Don't throw that fat away!! Pour the bacon grease I to a mason jar for later. Use it to cook eggs, veggies or if you really like it skatter it on your hands. I'm no judger. really. I mean come on. It's bacon. 

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