Friday, December 6, 2013

20 Frugal But Thoughtful Gifts For Kids To Give Or Get

Don't let holiday gift giving stress you out. Here are a few ideas you use to make your little ones Christmas day even better.  I searched and searched the Internet and this is what I found.  Enjoy!

1. Bean bags-These are pretty simple to make. Just need some fabric and beans. No beans? Just use any dried food such as rice, lentils etc.  Use fabric you salvaged from something you don't wear anymore or maybe ask friends and family if they have extra fabric they want to give away.  Kids love bean bags. A friend of mine (thanks Brooke!) made my girls each a set and they continue to use them to this day. Mostly for barbie pillows.  Silly girls.

Better yet how about a lavender sachet or warmer?

2.  Crayons Upcycled.  Simply melt down crayons into candy molds.  Cool down and pop out. Perfect for toddlers!

3.  Homemade play dough is always a good gift!

4.  Fun soap. Most craft stores carry glycerin soap in 1 lb squares.  You simply cut up the soap, melt in the microwave and pour into soap bar molds. The fun part is when you add a small toy into the soap mold. Kids have to wash to get to the soap.  Have glycerin soap at home? Cut that up and melt it. This should save you some cash by using what you have.  Or if you have older kids just add some rope and make soap on a rope. Remember those? Ahhh the Avon days.

5.  Homemade bubble bath is simple to make.

6.  Bath finger paint is perfect for little ones. Heck even I would like it.

7.  Sweater Mittens take a little bit of work but could be given to any child of any age.  I think I just make myself a pair too!

8.Mason Jar Sewing Kit for someone who loves to sew. You can use a mason jar you have (or any glass jar with a wide lid) and some fabric scraps.  Need filling? Open up a old pillow you don't use and reuse the stuffing.

9.  Grippy socks for that toddler who doesn't slow down.  I made these for my oldest when she was small.  Super easy and very cheap especially if you have everything in your craft supplies anyways.

10.  Hobby Horse looks so easy to make. You should have most materials as well.  Wish this was around when my girls were younger!

11.  Felt Cookies would be a very low cost gift.  Perfect for any child who loves to play with pretend food.  Maybe a gift your little one can make for a sibling.

12.  Brown Sugar Body Scrub would be easy for any child to make for anyone any age.

13.  Gift Coupon Book that you could make for free using what you have. Instead of a metal hoop just use ribbon or string.  Super easy for kids to make these!

14.  Twig Star Ornament is something I want to make with my girls. This is such a easy thing to do and free if you have trees near you.

15.  Want to bake something?  Cookies-who doesn't love cookies???

16.  Cocoa in a mug-simply buy a $1 box of cocoa packets and put them into mugs. You can find Christmas mugs for $1 or less in thrift shops. Watch for 1/2 price tags! Or head over to a dollar tree/store and pick a few up.

17.  Write a story-Kids love to write stories so let them write it and add illustrations.  This could be a free gift idea if you use what you have.

18.  Reuse a old frame to make a new one. Kids love to glue noodles to frames then paint or color them when dry.  Add a favorite photo and done!

19.  DIY bubble bath.  Take some shampoo and pour into a small container.  You can use a mason jar and have the kids decorate the outside with a paper lane.  Add essential oils that you know they like.

20.  Sugar Hand Scrub-Get a mason jar, fill with sugar (or salt which ever you have), add olive oil and add some essential oils you think they would like. Mix well and make a label.

Now go and get creative!!! Try to reuse things and bring out the recycle bin because you never know what the kids will end up using from it.  And as always have fun!


Lisa said...

What great ideas! And so much fun for the kids. Thanks for submitting to the Green Holiday Guide Blog Carnival!

Yan Kah Luke said...

Fantastic!! what ta great ideas for Kid's Gifta!!