Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Frugal Things

1. My steal of a deal on dried beans at Whole Foods.  These Heirloom Jacob's Cattle Trout Beans were 50% off making them $2.25 a lb which is more affordable for my budget.  Trying new things also gets my girls to eat new foods.  Today I'm soaking one pound of them in hot water so I can cook them later on.  I make a batch of beans about once a month and freeze them in 1 cup sizes so they can be thawed out easily.  These beans are so beautiful and I'm pretty sure you could use them in just about any meal.  If you do the math I'm paying only about .37 cents compared to a can of beans (which they don't sell these types so I compared to other beans) for $1.  Now that is frugal! 

2. Its roasting fire season baby! Today we plan on having our first fire of the Fall season.  Its a annual thing we do each year.  Kids get home from school, I start making a hot yummy dinner and my husband gets home from work and starts a fire.  Can't wait for the smell...oh the smell! The sounds....oh the sounds! My girls will be happy to lay in front of the fire and putting their toes up to get warm.  LOVE!!! Also we turn off the heat and that saves us a bundle of $$.  We saved wood all year long so we can do this.  Free wood from neighbors, left over wood from projects and salvaged wood from everywhere.  Now that is frugal!

3.  Bulk section.  Each Fall I try to take advantage of seasonal sales.  Dried food in the bulk section is ALWAYS a money saver. It takes a tiny bit of preparation but its well worth it.  Not only is food cheaper but its straight up just food.  No fillers and no hidden ingredients as long as you buy just real food.  Some stores have some not so healthy things in there as well.  I buy all kinds of beans, lentils, herbs and even rice.  You see this also helps me save energy.  No storing food in my fridge! No need to hurry and use it up because these can last for months on end.  This is hands down the best way to save on organic food.  Now that is frugal.

4.  Second hand stores.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love going to antique stores to drool over all the vintage clothes, kitchen items and just about everything you can imagine.  But the sticker prices are shocking sometimes!  I like to hit little thrift stores that are out of the way or almost even look like they are out of business.  Thats where you find the good stuff.  Above is a slip from the 50's-60's.  Baby blue with white lace.  Antique store would charge me $10 easily for this. Since I found this at Goodwill Outlet (pay by the lb) I think I paid maybe 10 cents for this. Its as light as air!  Now that is frugal! 

5.  Loved gifts. While I was at Goodwill Outlet I found this beautiful loved book.  My twins 10th birthday is coming up next month and one of them is in love with Raggedy Ann and Andy.  I paid $2 for this 1925 GOLDEN BOOK.  Its old, smelly and been used a ton.  SHE WILL LOVE IT!  I could of paid $14 for it at Powells, $4.99 at a regular Goodwill store but nope I paid $2 at the Goodwill Outlet.  Now that is frugal! 

And I saved the best reason for this book. 

Just look at these illustrations!  Look at the vivid colors! Look at the characters! I mean really.....

This post was inspired by The Non Consumer Advocate and I had her permission to write this.

Now its your turn.  What frugal things have you been up to?


Green Bean said...

You are speaking my language!! Ah the bulk section, the dried beans. Love love love. Plus, stuff there is usually healthier and, as I use my own bags, lets me eliminate the plastic packaging clutter.

Second hand does the same thing and is usually such a steal. Got a great Athleta sweatshirt jacket that I've been wearing nonstop for the last couple weeks for $5 last month! Happy frugal fall!

Betsy Escandon said...

A Goodwill *OUTLET*!!! Now I've got to find me one of those. I love the smell of a fire but they are rarely allowed here in No. Cal. b/c of Spare the Air regulation. Have to wait for a campout : )

Sara Vartanian said...

Buying in bulk is my jam! Your post reminded me it's the time of year for chilis and soups!

I've been selling our gently used clothing to purchase new-to-us clothing to handle the demands of my growing kids!

Jen said...

I love 2nd hand shops. There are just so many treasures to find. I started soaking beans this summer and like having them on hand for tacos and salads!

Brenna Burke said...

I am ashamed to admit that I will sometimes opt for convenience over frugality, but that is something I have focused on this month and it has been great! Love all your finds too. ;)

oboyorganic said...

Love these tips! When going to WFM I always shop the bulk section, so much cheaper than even the regular grocery store. I also love the idea of buying second hand, I need to be better at that.