Friday, December 11, 2009

Eco friendly baby diapers and wipes

There are so many options now days for just about everything which makes it easier for you the consumer. Earth friendly has never been so easy. Just wish they had these when my girls were babies. I hear many excuses from people when it comes to them explaining why they do not buy green baby products. To me its the smartest decision I can do as a parent. So for those who have a hard time finding green products, I will make it easier for you. I scoured the Internet searching for green products just for you!

Elements Naturals baby wipes. 100% compostable and biodegradable wipes. Free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives, 100% natural and renewable, chemical free, fragrance free, chlorine free, resealable pack, and even the package is made from recycled packaging. 80 ct.
Retail price $5.99
My view-These would be perfect for on the go. No worries of throwing them in the garbage or anything. Just toss and go. You can find Earths Best and Seventh Generation for about the same price so you really cannot go wrong with buying any of these three. I stuck to a few brands when I shopped for diapers and wipes. I would purchase which ever was on sale or I could get cheaper but only with a few brands I trusted. Same rule applies here.
Nature Baby care 44 count
Eco friendly baby care has never been so easy. Awarded the Eco label "Good environmental choice" from the SSC. There are no oil based plastics against the babies skin, very breathable diapers, and are chlorine free (which do not add to the dioxin pollution) with natural based material. They have no plastic, no latex, fragrance or TBT.
Retail $11.99

My view-I looked over Seventh Generation, Earths Best diapers and these have a better overall value. Yes you can get the others cheaper but only on sale or with coupons. These are always a good value and regular price is $11.99. So these would be a great diaper you can always count on for a good price. Which ever brand you can get cheaper that day, just grab those. As long as you keep it green, its a win win!

Both of these are available at the following places
For no shipping cost try your Whole Foods Market. Always available there!

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