Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter blues

Here in the Northwest its super duper cold. Its so chilly that you avoid going out as much as possible. But when you have 4 kids or any kids for that matter, it gets a bit much after a while. I am always looking for things to do in the home. Keeping my kids busy keeps my home quiet. No picking on and fighting with each other, no giving them the "1, 2, 3 okay go to your room, and no parents hiding in their rooms where its quiet. Just a happy home. Ahh what a thought!
I have found a few things that keep my kids entertained on those days where its just too cold or icky to go out. Have any suggestions? Leave a comment!

Board Games-Luckily my daughter received a few for her birthday so we have new ones that we play often now. Old favorites like Sorry, Operation and Uno are favorites still. Thrift shops are great places to find board games for cheap. Remember to make sure they have all their pieces.

Crafts-I have way too much craft stuff so I let my kids go hog wild on them anytime they want. 10 yrs working at a craft store means I accumulated a ton of stuff. I turned my kitchen dining room into a art room. All art will go up on the wall for everyone to see. 2 nails, 1 string and some clothes pins can hold lots of art on the wall. An old cork board painted bright red also holds lots of art work. This keeps my kids busy for hours. The dollar store has lots of cheap art supplies fyi. Thrift stores have stuff too so keep your eye out for good deals.

Movies-I pop some popcorn and the kids pick a movie they want. Movies we have received as gifts or I found in thrift stores come in handy. Or have a buck? Try the out. Located at most Mcdonalds and Albertson's. Just return within 24 hours so your not charged twice. Sign up and get a free movie rental. They often have free movie codes too! Or try out where you can watch old TV shows, movies, and just about anything else related. Best of all its FREE!!!

Chores-Yeah I know, seems boring but what else do you have to do? Have the kids get involved and let them be your helpers. My 5 yr old twins love this but my older girls know better. Laundry is a favorite for them because they get to fold WARM clothes. Hint hint. Maybe everyone helps out each other cleaning their rooms. Switch rooms and get them all done! Its always faster when you have help. Or maybe just clean out your closet or pantry. I always feel better when I do this.

Baking-Kids love helping with the baking. Take a peek at what you have on hand and give them options of what can be made. Let them discuss it and decide what they want to make. This should eat up an hour or so of your time. Plus you get to eat the goodies when your done.

Redecorate rooms-My girls love rearranging their rooms every few months. Have fun drawing diagrams, reusing items, and mixing up bedding and colors. Maybe add a blanket to a bunk bed for extra privacy, hand a sheer panel up to make a head board look larger, switch out some bedding, or make a vanity from dresser and a mirror. Have fun with it and let your kids imaginations go wild.

Do a home improvement. Paint a room you have been putting off, fix that chair you have been needing to do, or maybe just sew up some holes in clothing. You know you will feel better after its all done. This week we hung plastic in our old windows. No more drafts! Whahoo!

Read-Grab a quilt, pillow, and a good book and snuggle up to have reading time. Encourage your children to do the same. Or even better, let the kids each pick a book of choice and read it to them. Fun!

Freestyle! Take all decorations out of the living room and change them up. Maybe switch out some pillows, candles and move some furniture around. My favorite show that redecorates your room of choice with what you have already and better yet cost no money. Check your local listings for times and dates.

Music-Were iPod fanatics so music is a favorite past time for us. Throw the iPod in the player and enjoy. Maybe make some play list. I have a Christmas music play list that is playing right now. Free holiday music from is especially nice. Check out their 25 free holidays songs My current favorite is their Lady Gaga Christmas Tree.

Make cocoa, tea, or hot apple cider. Make it from scratch with the kids, they will love this. Here's a fantastic idea that we do each year. Load a warm drink of choice up in to go insulated cups (one for each person) and get in the car. Drive around your neighborhood slow looking at Christmas lights. Play your free holiday music from your iPod as stated above. What a fun night it is.

Feeling a bit daring? Try doing what I just listed above but walk around your neighborhood. Just make sure you bundle up everyone. I swear my nose felt like it was going to fall off this morning when I walked my daughter to the bus stop. Buuurrrr! Like I said, only for the daring.

How about...Well you know. Hanky panky keeps you warm. Just

Game cube, Wii, etc. Get a game where you can all play and have fun. For us its the Wii and we love playing Wii sports with each other. Boxing will get you some exercise and keep you warm too. Challenge your kids and see them light up. Fun!

Snuggle-My kids love to snuggle so when its cold out, we pull up a warm quilt and snuggle. Watch some TV, listen to music or just hang out. Snuggling is always fun.

Now this should keep you busy for a while. Have an idea that I missed? Leave a comment!

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