Monday, January 10, 2011

$50 a week

Well today I went out on the hunt for bargains and sorta got off track. All in all it was a good day and I found some pretty good deals. Had my $50 for the week and an extra $8 I found in my wallet. That $8 will be used for things I needed. Here we go!

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

3 bags 2lbs of Obrien Potatoes $1.29 each
3 bags of hashbrowns $1.49 each
My husband is addicted to these and I cannot make them at home. I really DISLIKE the plastic but it can be recycled I guess. Rarely do I find these at the Grocery Outlet so when I do I buy a bunch.

1 cantelope marked down 49 cents
2 packs of mark down mushrooms 49 cents each
These were mark downs and need to be used soon. They were so cheap I had to get them. Not organic at all but again super cheap.

1 box of organic everything crackers $1.99
Feta Crumble Cheese .99 cents
1 wedge of brie cheese $1.49 (WAY CHEAP!)

Samy Organic Mouse $1.99
Did a review on this company and snagged a mouse this time.

Total: $17.67

New Seasons

Organic gallon of milk $4.99

All natural bratwurst Sausage only $2.99 per lb!!
I picked up 2 lbs (8 links) which can be used for 4 meals. DEAL!

Pink Lady Organic Apples 99 cents per lb!
Picked up a little over 2 lbs

Organic French Fingerlink Potatoes $2.49 per lb
Only picked up 4 of them because I will let them start to grow and plant them in my garden. Yeah!

Organic Lettuce head. $1.49 each
Cashier charged me for cabbage so I was only charged $1.21. Didn't notice till I got home. I saved some $

Organic Garlic 1 clump of cloves 60 cents

Fresh Noodles 1 lb  $3.99
I found one for marked down for only $1.99! Will freeze for later use. Yeah!

Total with 5 cent bag credit: $18.80

NON $50 BUDGET (my extra $8)

Slippery Elm Powder $1.11
Dandelion Root $5.04
Licorice Root $2.73
These will be used for tea. Very good for when your sick. Slippery Elm will be infused into apple cider vinegar and made into cough syrup. I will tell you how that turns out. Slippery Elm is found in many cough syrups and cough drops.

Total:8.88 (oops .88 cents over)

Whole Foods

Red Banana .43 cents
My daughter wants to try them but at $1.49 per lb we only picked up one.

Half n Half $1.49

Eggs vegetarian fed free range 2/$4
Picked up 2 boxes of them. Boxes will be used to grow starts in later next month.

Rainbow Chard $1.49 on sale. What a deal!

Organic Tangerines .99 cents per lb.
Picked up a pound of these

Fair Trade Banana's 69 cents per lb
Picked up a little under 3 lbs of them.

Bag credit was given to a local art studio which Whole Foods will send to them. You can pick from  places and I always tell them to donate it to the one that rarely gets donated to.


GRAND TOTAL: $47.08 

add in my extra stuff and it's $55.96 which is under the $58 which I started with. 

I still have plenty of rice and whole wheat noodles to get by until payday in 2 weeks. I have meat I stocked up on as well and lots of veggies and stuff I froze from my garden. I will of course let you know all about that stuff when I share my food creations with you.
I feel pretty good about what I bought today. Well except for those crappy potatoes in a bag. UURR!

Oh and I also forgot to mention one small thing. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! My wonderful husband bought me something I have been drooling over for about 6 months now. Isn't it pretty?

I could of peed myself. My other one crapped out on me after 2 years of use. To be fair I paid $3 for it at a garage sale so it lasted longer than I thought it would.  My neighbor has been letting me use hers (just like this one but with a timer) and its amazing. Thank you Nathan, your the best husband in the world!!! You can snag one of these at Amazon by clicking on the link below.


Simply Green said...

A wedge of brie for 1.49? I must be imagining that low of a number! You are very good at finding some impressive deals! Kudos for staying on budget! :)

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I know, what a steal! I'm telling you, the Grocery Outlet has some amazing deals. We have never been able to get those types of cheese until recently. I love looking at all the cheese at Whole Foods and trying out their samples. I am so addicted to cheese...I might have a problem. Hello, my name is Nancy and i'm addicted to cheese.

Simply Green said...

I love cheese too, don't worry. Maybe we should start Cheese Lovers Anonymous. :) We don't have a Grocery Outlet up here, but right now I'm wishing we did!!