Monday, January 17, 2011

$50 a week

Hello everyone! Yeah I know its been a few days since I have blogged but I swear I have been super busy.  Now onto my $50 a week!

New Seasons

Fresh pasta mark downs. $1.99 each
I will only allow myself to buy these if they are marked down. At $4.99 regular price they are not in my budget. I simply put them into the freezer for later use. Added bonus is they are a local company to me. Sweet!

Chorizo Sausage on sale $2.99 per pound. 
They only had 3 links left so it must be yummy. Actually they are super spicy but so good. I use one link per meal. Crumble it and make sausage gravy, add it to soups, and so on. Love this frugal tip! Plus its super fresh and they make them in the store. Cant get much fresher than that!

Brown Eggs-20 cents each.
I usually buy them already in the containers but the white eggs are usually less expensive. I love brown eggs so I decided to try buying in bulk this time. Love the color of them:) Vegetarian fed and free range.

Organic Milk gallon. $4.99

Organic green onions 99 cents

Organic Navel Oranges 99 cents per lb
Picked up myself a little under 3 lbs. Perfect for lunches

Total cost plus bag refund $21.35

Whole Foods

Half n half $1.49
This will last me all week for my coffee. New Seasons sells this same exact half n half for $2.79. Way cheaper at Whole Foods.

Organic Rose Hips $12.64 per pound. 
Small bag I bought cost $1.52. Yummy touch to my homemade tea's.

Fair Trade Banana's .69 cents per pound.
Dehydrating these as I type. I buy Fair Trade because they are cheaper. Banana's really do not need to be bought organic because their thick peel protect them from pesticides.  I bought about 3 lbs of them.

Organic Minneola Tangerines 99 cents per pound. Bought only 3 to try them out. 

My bag donation was donated to a charity of choice.

Total $9.59


I have $19.06 left for my trip to Grocery Outlet which I will go soon. I had an extra child at my house and really didn't feel like driving over there with all the kids. 

Saturday and Sunday I went to the Goodwill outlet and bought about 30lbs of clothing total. I really needed a update to my wardrobe and found some amazing things.  Picked up 3 pairs of skinny jeans for my daughter Hailey, a pair of flats for her as well, and lots of shirts for myself. At 89 cents per pound you really cannot beat that price.  Plus don't forget its a form of RECYCLING!

To find your nearest Goodwill Outlet look here.


Sidonie said...

Love your blog...very inspiring...
I wish I could get a reign on my groc bill. Since my daughter and I were both diagnosed with Celiac's in the same year, it has turned mealtimes on its head. We already are committed to eating gluten-free first, organic, second, and local whenever possible. Anything else is pretty much off the list. It makes it challenging for the budget. We buy in bulk and put some into long term storage each month as well, so 50.00 a week wouldnt work here at all. I am struggling to do it on twice that. I do better if I stay out of the store...and we have a farm, so half the year have our own milk and cheese, all year have eggs, meat and fruit, and keep a greenhouse, (adding two more next year) for all our herbs and salads. Still, seems like we are always going over budget. I was prowling the house tonight trying to remember if I had anything crunchy stashed! We do feed seven most of the time, and some days more. So I guess we arent doing so badly, but the days of shopping for under a hundred a week seem in the distant past for us now...:( thanks for the ideas can hop over to my blog and check us out if you like,


Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thank you Sidonie!
Your very inspiring yourself.I can only dream of my own farm:)