Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Food Budget $47.14

Whole Foods

$3.99 Recycled Toilet Paper 12 Roll
$2.59 Organic Rolled Oats Bulk ($1.19 per lb)
$1.99 Organic Brown Sugar Bulk ($1.99 per lb)
$4.99 Organic Cane Sugar 4lbs
$1.91 Organic Dried Red Kidney Beans Bulk (sale $1.99 per lb)
.91 cents Natural Sponges (sale)
$3.48 Organic Red Grapes (sale $1.99 per lb)
$4.70 Fair Trade Oranges (sale .99 cents per lb)


Cash & Carry

$2.01 Darigold Butter rbst free 1lb (super cheap price!)
$11.48 Cheddar Cheese 5lb block (thats $2.29 per lb WOOT!)
$5.28 Cream Cheese rbst free (cheaper than Costco !)
$1.99 Lime Juice Concentrate (make juice from)
$1.99 Lemon Juice Concentrate (juice)



I usually shop at Costco because we get our Costco card for free from my husbands work. But I was closer to Cash & Carry so I thought I would do some price comparisons. Cash & Carry does has some cheaper prices but they do not have any organic items and more geared for selling items to restaurants and food companies.  Great place to find heavy duty kitchen items! So if you have never been to one and live close to it then you must go check it out.

Of course I had to stop by Goodwill. It was on my way home. I promise! Today I scored a one pound block of beeswax only $2.99. Normally these sell for over $10 so I snagged that super fast. 

 Then I found 3 mugs that are all handmade and from a pottery place.  These were only .99 cents each. I will donate 3 small ones we don't use when we get home.  These are larger and much prettier.

I found a Klean Kanteen large mouth bottle for $1.99 and another Klean Kanteen for $1.99 that will be perfect for my daughters when they are at soccer/basketball practice.  These retail over $15 when bought new. 

The white circle you see are doilies that I bought at Cash & Carry for $3.  These will be used in making Valentines Day cards for their friends at school. 

Last but not least are my Rocket Dog shoe's. These are usually over $40 when bought new.  I paid $7.99 which is a deal if you ask me. 

Before I went shopping today I cooked some pinto beans that I had soaked over night.  I cooked them for 30 minutes and turned them off.  So when I came home from shopping they were all done and cooled waiting for me to put them in mason jars.  Into the freezer they go!

Wow what a long fun filled day.

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