Friday, April 26, 2013

April Food Budget $53.90

Life handed me a few things to deal with so I wasn't able to write much or share my food budget. But as promised I brought it back. My goal is to not necessarily focus on how much I'm spending but just keeping track of what I am buying and how I can improve it. Every little bit counts!

Yes yes yes I know I have a fancy new bread machine. I have no excuse at all . Well except that time is something I don't have much of. That's still no excuse. If I made my own I could avoid all this plastic. Anyone have any good tips on what to do with bread bags besides recycle them? I'd love to hear your tips!

I have a Franz Bread Outlet store a few miles from me and this is why I bought these. They have amazing prices and one good thing about bread is that you can freeze it. Here I bought 10 loaves of bread for $12 plus when you spend a certain amount of money they let you take a few for free. Today they let me take 3. Thats 13 items for $12. I make 4 sandwiches each day in my girls lunches.  Plus they sometimes have toast for breakfast and they LOVE sourdough toast. This should last us for a while. With these prices I don't go broke.
Total $12.00

Whole Foods

Organic chard 2/$3
Organic onions $3.99
Bell peppers $2.99
Flax milk $3.99
Liquid Aminos $3.99
Organic chicken breast on bone on sale $4.99 per lb. 
Each paper wrapped chicken is about $3.99
Chicken $23.94

Total $41.90

Grand total for today $53.90

Peppers-Individual bell peppers are 2/$5. With such a price difference I sent ahead and bought the ones wrapped in plastic. I know it bugs the crud out of me. Thats a $2 price difference though. So I will just suck it up and be annoyed.

Onions-Again bulk onions are $2 or more per pound.  I would be spending a good $10 for the same amount of onions. Annoyed by the packaging but again I will suck it up. My friend Beth wouldn't be happy with me. Sorry Beth!!!! 

Chicken-My husband is on this food diet which includes lots of protein. These are for him only. 2 weeks ago he paid $5.99 a pound for organic chicken from Costco. Were saving $1 per pound buying it from Whole Foods and no plastic packaging. Woot! 

I'm still eating through all the meat I bought and put in the freezer. Using up what we have before I buy anymore. Of course if I come upon a great seasonal deal I will buy some & freeze it. This is how I save $$. Its a process but its well worth it when you save as much money as I have. 

Im feeling pretty good about my purchases except for the plastic. As time goes I plan on perfecting this and growing as much food as I can to avoid plastic all together.  I'm still learning just like all of you. Lets do this together. 


B. Girard said...

On what to do with the bread bags: I use the ones I get on the rare occasion (that sounds really sanctimonious, it's not, it's about how my hubbin reacts to gluten) that I buy bread to store the breads I bake. I turn them inside out and store them that way, wipe them off, then use them to put servings of bread into a freezer safe container to pull out one at a time.

B. Girard said...

And MAN ALIVE, that budget is tighter than mine. You go girl!

Wry Girl said...

We're always snagging bread bags from other people; they're perfect for cleaning up after our malamute when we go on walks. :) Grocery store bags often have holes, and we're unwilling to pay for bags. So, a thought if you have friends with large dogs. (or if you do... I didn't notice if you do, but mostly because I'm new to your blog.)