Monday, May 9, 2011

Riding away with $13 to spare! $50 a week

Wow is this embarrassing. I went to find my receipts so I can give you exact amounts but looks as if they are long gone. Yesterday my husband cleaned the kitchen for me and I think he threw them away. Oh well I sorta remember how much I paid for them so here we go.

Mark's NW Fresh Produce

Fuji Apples
Navel Oranges



$1.49 Hormone free Sunshine half n half
$3.49 18 count free range veg fed eggs
Hormone free beef on sale for $2.49 per pound.  Picked up 2lbs.


$1.69 Salsa
bag of almonds not friend/no salt
bag of peanuts low sodium
2 bags of organic pasta
Lavender oil spray I paid for out of my monthly allowance and not the food budget.


I still have $13 left for this week. Not pictured was milk because I forgot to buy it and my husband ended up picking up a gallon of it later that day.  But I still would been under budget by $8 if I had remembered.  My wonderful husband finished my bike this past weekend so I can always ride up and get more fruit if I need it. I have a basket on the front and soon will have one on the back too.  Just thinking of all the gas I won't have to buy each week gets me excited. lol

Mother's day was the best I have had to date.  My husband is not a "holiday" type of person and will get the  to make me a card but that's about it.  This year he went all out! Well the frugal way lol. Here is what they did for me.

1.  He travels a lot for work and has to have a credit card in his name to put the cost on his card. When he was looking for a card he made sure he found one with traveling points so we can cash them in to get things.  Last year he bought himself a really nice North Face jacket that was over $100 if bought retail.  This year he allowed me to pick what I wanted and I decided to get this.
This should help me make my own peanut butter and much more. Excited!

2.  I picked up some small unpainted bird houses and 3 bottles of paint so the girls could paint them for me.  Red, blue and yellow paint so the girls could customize and mix paints. They had so much fun and the bird houses turned out so unique.  They now are happy out in the garden.

3.  Girls made me cards with beautiful pictures.  The twins now know how to write so this year my cards were so cute.  Even my husband made me a handmade card.

4.  No chores, no dishes, no laundry.  No nothing!  They did all the work for me.  Usually the just leave them and don't allow me to do anything yet they are there for me the next day. Not this year. I was a very happy camper.

5.  I picked up a old bike with a beautiful shape from a friend of mine (thanks Sean!) for $65 that looks like this.
All it took was love and $55 more to bring it to its full glory.  We used paint we already had (free!) and introduced a new basket to the front. Soon it will also have two side packs so I can pack more groceries.  It now looks like this!
Isn't is beautiful? We kept it as original as possible.  I can feel the wind in my hair already.

Last but not least I have one more thing to say. I am a very very lucky lady to have such a wonderful family.  My family rocked this Mothers Day!!!


Gallegos Newsletter said...

Happy Be-lated Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a fantastic day...I love, love, love the bike!!!! I am in the process of finding one like it for myself...I love to ride bikes, just have not taken the time and or money to buy one! It is top on my list for this summer....


Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

And Happy Mothers Day Be-lated to you too!
Took my bike for a spin yesterday and I feel like I go back in time to the 50's when I ride it.
I actually have a bike my hubby put together for me but it just isnt my style. Luckily I found this one for $65 (totally in my budget). My husband just gave it some love. I love him! It's so me!

You must get a bike. Just needs some sandpaper, paint and time.