Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salads in my near future

The weather has been amazing in Oregon this week.  As you can see my girls took advantage of the hot weather.  While I was hanging clothes on the line the twins filled their sand turtle with water.  And as you can see they found some mud. Oh to be 6 again.
My pumpkins finally decided to come out and play!!! I should have a ton of pumpkins this year.  My girls will be happy because this means pumpkin muffins all year long. Woot woot!

Also the pea's and beans decided to come out and play as well.  The peas should grow up the chicken wire very nicely.  I'm hoping the Scarlett beans grow up the arbor and show me lots of red flowers.  Should be beautiful!
I picked up this cute bird feeder a couple of years ago at Goodwill.  It is so old that it started to fall apart.  So today I hammered it back to life and made it a home on my new fence in the garden above the flowers.  The sunflowers should grow nicely on both sides of it.  Can't wait till everything fills in.

Everything is filling nicely.  We went through our first batch of lettuce and now are working on our second.  In the place of the first batch of lettuce I planted some spinach. My runner beans are starting to reach for the metal art work I have placed in the center of each bed.  Scarlett beans should give me lots of red flowers. 
I found this cute little sun at Goodwill today for $1.99.  The colors are so beautiful and I knew it would be perfect in the garden.  It's made from a coconut shell and some other dried plant and then it was painted. 
This is my first year growing rainbow chard and i'm loving it.  The colors are just amazing! Should be able to eat our first round of chard this week.  Yummy!

It's also the first year I am growing my own boc choy.  I just love how beautiful these plants are.

Here is  the second round of lettuce getting ready to be eaten.  The seeds were for green lettuce but as you can see a different variety must of snuck in.  Love it!

Strawberries are starting to bloom which means I will have jelly soon.  Well that is if my girls don't eat them all.
My zucchini is looking so beautiful.  Just look at all that fuzz.  Plants are amazingly beautiful.

And look who decided to have babies.  Man I love nature.
I have been way too buzy to share my $50 a week photo with you.  Soccer season started this week and I have been a taxi all week.  Between school, training for my race (which is Saturday!) and soccer....ive been going crazy.  But soon school will be out and I won't have to train anymore leaving me plenty of time  to do gardening, biking, etc.  Oh shoot. Gotta go take the girls to soccer now....have a great evening!


yum said...

It looks great! I haven't put my warm crop seeds in! Maybe I'll have to try sprouting them first. I live in the Seattle area, I think your weather gets warmer. Enjoy your garden, so exciting!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Yes our weather gets a little warmer but not by much. I would recommend getting the Seattle Tilth and going by what is month by month. That is what I use because we don't have a Portland Tilth or Oregon Tilth. All I can find is the website for them. I have had great luck going by what the book says. Hang in there!