Monday, January 6, 2014

Right now I'm….

Right now I'm trying to convince myself to get off my lazy butt and do some yoga. Perfect time because all of my girls are in school and its quiet in my house.  In the Fall of 2012 I was having pain in my hips and lower back. I was a avid runner and completed 2 half marathons which I was so proud of.  It wasn't until I couldn't run at all that I decided to look into what the pain was about.   I finally found a doctor who was willing to listen to me and actually find out what was wrong with me.  My left leg is longer than my right leg.  It would only get worst unless I go to the chiropractor and keep exercising.  Yoga was a perfect fit.  I had taken yoga classes years prior and have several DVDs of yoga. Now If I can just remember each day to do it.  

Right now I'm  putting my fancy bread machine to work.  Last week we tried Pumpernickel Bread but this week I have been enjoying just plain white bread. Its so yummy!

White Bread

1 1/3 cup water
4 1/4 cups white flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp oil
2 tsp Active Yeast 

Put machine on basic setting and there you go. 

Right now I'm digging out all my garden goodies.  Yesterday I checked what seeds I have and need to use this year. I also made a list of what I don't have and want to buy for this years growing season.  I'm also overhauling my garden and taking advantage of every space available.  I would really love to not have to buy any produce from the market. Hey I can dream right? 

Right now I'm a mama chicken.  I'm selling 2 of my hens this weekend. That brings me down to 2 hens right now. Yesterday I bought 3 more chicks from the Urban Farm Store.  I picked out one more Ameraucana and two more Barred Rock (seen in picture).  I love Ameraucana because they are very friendly and lay the most beautiful bluish green eggs.  Barred Rock are a very laid back type of chicken. They love people and don't mind being picked up for snuggles.  They lay light brown eggs just about every day.  These chicks will be living in our home till they get old enough to go outside.  We have a large dog crate in our living room and will be used of our dog, cat and all of my girls.  

Right now I'm trying to do The Pantry Challenge.  I'm trying to avoid having to go to the store. I will use what I have on hand and in my pantry. My hope is to save some money on our grocery budget.  As you can see I don't have much veggies. I also have 15 pounds of organic potatoes and 3 pounds of organic onions which are not pictured.  I have plenty of oranges and apples because I found a steal of a deal a couple of weeks ago.  $8 for 20 pounds of organic apples and 40 pounds of oranges for $31.60. When I find a great deal on organic produce for less than a dollar a pound I buy as much as I can.

Right now I'm also doing the January Cure by Apartment Therapy.  Its not to late to join so take a peek and have fun with me.  Its a neat way to get clean and organized.  Ive even entered it into my phone so I won't forget.

So as you can see I'm pretty busy right now.  Which is better than not busy enough.  My plan is to get organized, simplify and be happy.

So my friends what are you doing right now?


Jen said...

Look at you! I really want to get into yoga this year.

Turning the Clock Back said...

I really want a bread bought bread is pricy and I am not very good at making it from scratch. I keep trying though. The kitchenaid rocks for kneading dough!

Anna (Green Talk) said...

I was researching fragrant roses. I miss summer.