Thursday, January 16, 2014

Social Media And Technology Can Suck It…well sort of.

Ive been trying to get organized and clutter free since the beginning of this year. A friend suggested to me that I try The January Cure over at Apartment Therapy and I completely fell in love with this whole project.  Its half way through but not too late to try it out. Each day you get an assignment and do them as you please.  You make a list and choose what you want to achieve.  Not one list is the same and I love reading and looking at before and after pictures. Its totally inspiring! Go check them out and see why I love this project so much.

Ive been sticking to pretty much everything except for a few things. Fresh flowers probably would freshen up my home but I just don't have the extra money so I've skipped this step. Otherwise I'm sticking to everything.  I haven't been sticking to the exact day because of my stay cation I took on my birthday weekend and I've been dealing with some personal issues as well.  But I do catch up and keep on on it.  You can check out my assignment #5 or keep up with my assignments when I share them on Facebook.  

Ive also been doing a lot of thinking. On one hand I love technology. From social media to Netflix.  But part of me wants to go get away from everything. Almost unattached from technology all together. I made a huge step yesterday and focused on my personal page on Facebook.  I would really love to DELETE my personal page but since I have a blog page I cannot do it.  Well I could but would have to delete my blog FB and start over. It would be a huge annoying process for me and my 4,000+ readers.  Not doing that! So I took a different direction.  Here's what I did.

-Went through my friends list and de-friended anyone I didn't speak to often or had any attachments to. 

-Narrowed my friends to two list.  Acquaintances and bloggers. Easy to do just hover over their name/friend box near their name and you can add them or make your own list (as I did for bloggers).

-I then put all friends from both list on "restricted". This is easy to do. Just go to your friends, hover over their name/friend box and click on "add to another list" and put a check by restricted.  This keeps all your personal information pretty private and people cannot just see everything on your page.  

-I then wrote a status telling people I was cleaning my friend list and putting everyone on restricted for privacy reasons. If anyone needs to get a hold of me and its important they can call my phone or text me.  All others can send me a message on Facebook but who knows when I will be on so don't be in a hurry. Everyone was supportive and completely understood.  In fact most wanted to do the same as I did.  

-I then grabbed my phone and deleted the Facebook App to my personal Facebook page.  I did it like a band aid.  Quick and to the point. 

I'm so happy I did this. No longer can I try to stay off Facebook but cave in and spend hours on there.  I  now have no option to even do so.  If I want to go on Facebook I have to go home and get my laptop out.  I do keep my Facebook Blog Page App which I will use to upload photos etc.  It's not connected to my personal FB page so there is no worries of trying to go through this App.  

There is another part of me that really wants to not even blog anymore.  I get this way every few years.  

I'm not gonna lie.  Its really sucking right now.  I really want to just get on my phone and Facebook the day away.  I wonder what everyone is up to.  See who commented on something I wrote.  I'm itching to do it.  I even pick my phone up and look for it by habit.  Then a sad face comes over my face when I realize its not there.  But I can do this.  I did the same for TMZ.  It was like crack for me. I was addicted.  I overcame and came out happy.  So yes it sucks right now. But I will overcome.  I will rejoice!    

So there you go personal social media. Go suck it. 

For now I continue to write my blog and stay up to date on social media. I get inspired by it and so do all of you. For this reason alone I stay blogging and connected to social media.  I continue to learn and grow making sure I take all you with me on my journey. I have continued to stay true to my word since day one of creating this blog.  I am still non profit and still make not one penny from this blog.  The whole point of me writing this blog was to survive off pennies.  Be as green as possible to our mother earth.  Save some green the whole way.  And last but mostly important was to thrive.  Not just survive but THRIVE!!!! Yes we've struggled over the years. We started at ground zero just like everyone else. Renting, having kids and digging out of debt.  Yes we  now own our home and vehicles. Yes we can pay our bills each month. This doesn't change a thing. This is where the thrive comes into play.  Who am I to help others if I cannot learn myself? We still save money anywhere we can. We will one day need to pay to send our girls to college.  One day we would love to retire.  I don't want to struggle my whole life.  So for now I keep on trucking on.  And I'm so thankful I have you along with the journey. Our journey.  Peace and love to all. 

p.s.s. If you get the chance head over here and read this Yahoo article about a family of 4 living off grid.  This is what I really would love to do. Thank you hubby for sharing this article with me. You know me too well. Maybe one day we will do this.  

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