Sunday, March 29, 2009

A frugal Easter

Easter and really break the bank. If you have one child, its not that expensive. But if you have 4 like me, you go broke. So here are a few idea's to help stretch your money.

1. Buy small baskets. Either from thrift stores, free box's, or yard sales. This way you dont have to fill them up too much and you can use the basket for several years.

2.  Fill the baskets with homemade goodies. 

3. Dont fill the baskets. Hide eggs you dyed or jelly beans (from dollar store) around and let the kids fill their own. Maybe toss some in their toy box, they can clean and hunt at the same time . lol.

4.  Make your own egg dye. A cup of boiling water, a tsp of finegar, and food coloring works well. 

5.  Ways around spending $. I recently transfered my perscription to Rite Aid and recieved a $25 gift card for it. You can use this to get good deals on easter items. 

6. After season sales. After Easter, hit their 90% off sales. You can get their baskets for next year, Easter games, stuffed animals, etc for next year. This way you spend less but still have a good Easter.

7.  Have a family event. Have your family come over with a favorite dish of theirs, a dozen eggs, and just have fun. You get to visit with family, the kids can play and you didnt spend any out of pocket expense(if you used what you had at home). 

8.  Go on the internet and print out some easter coloring pages. Free!

9.  Put paper, blue, and other craft items on the table and let the kids go at it! 

10.  Use cotton balls as a bunny tail, hide it, and let the kids find it. 

If you have any other great idea's I can add to the list email me

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