Sunday, March 22, 2009

House warming party with treasures along the way

We finally had our house warming party last night. I managed to get some good deals on snack items and fresh vegetables for everyone to eat. Goldfish crackers buffet was a big hit. I took advantage of Target coupons and was able to get each bag of them for only 67 cents. So we took a cute bowl with dividers and put in 4 different kinds of them. Kids loved it. Also found tiny tomatoes ( my daughters been begging me to get them forever) at Winco for only $1. Paired them up with carrots and cucumber slices and ranch.
Our friends came over with their kids and we just hung out. Kids played while the adults drank wine and caught up on all the gossip. One friend brought us a cute water jug with a flower in it. So pretty.
Another good friend brought over 2 bags of clothes and shoe's for my older girls. Which my girls really needed. Here's a list of things in the bags

1 almost new pair of Nikes
1 almost new pair of Converse
1 almost new pair of Old Navy Flats
1 almost new pair of Gap Sandals
Several Abercrombie girls tops
3-4 pairs of jeans
Limited Too jamma bottoms
and many other things.
It was a great night over all. A few treasures along the way and we were very grateful. Im so thankful I have so many good friends and family. I will also pass along the treasures to them as well. I just wish everyone could do this for each other. Here's my challenge to you. Instead of giving something to goodwill, think of your friends and family. Maybe they could use them. Or look for shelters in your area. You would be helping others and feel good about it too.

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