Thursday, March 22, 2012

Damn snow

Just when I thought Spring was here. I woke up to all of this. How is this helping my garden? Not one damn bit! So what is one to do? Deal with it. Just suck it up and deal with it. URRR!! (fist in sky)

My poor flowers.  It's like they gave up and couldn't stand up anymore.

Good thing I didn't plant my pea's yet.  Well that and I have decided to move this to another part of the garden.  This year I'm focusing on tomato plants.

I just love how quiet and beautiful snow is.  I could sit for hours outside just watching it fall.

And then I found Bugster. We just got him back up and running.  New brakes, new seals all around and lots of other things I'm forgetting at this moment.

Just look how sad he is.  "Hey Bugster, you gotta little something right there." I say.  "Here?" he says. "No, right there." as I say waving my hand over my entire face.  I clean his face up and take the girls to school.  Bugster had a little cough because he's not a fan of the mornings and takes him a bit to get up and running 100%.  Once I pull into the drive way guess what happens? Bugster is nice and warm.  Finally. Just in time to get home.  Perfect timing Bugster.  Perfect.

And last but not least here is Meggie.  She has been fighting a cold all week.  A fever here and there and a really bad cough.  Yesterday her body just gave up and she fell asleep on the couch. Her twin sister fell asleep in their room. They were so moody when they got home from school that I knew they needed some rest.  I cannot remember the last time they took a nap.  Of course I took advantage and took pictures.  I need blackmail for their teen years.  Duh.

So how's your weather? Is it crappy like ours? Don't tell me have sun. DON'T!

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