Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Food Budget $270.64


.75 Bunch of organic celery
$3.99 Bag of organic carrots 5lbs
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half
$3.99 Gallon of organic milk
$3.99 Apples 3lbs (bulk non bagged were $1.99 per lb. I'm paying $1.14 because the bag actually weighed 3.5 lbs. Remember to weigh your bagged items because they are not all the same!)
FREE Organic Valley Sharp White Cheese (my sister gave me a coupon. Thanks sis!!)



$3.99 Yeast (best price around my home)

Grand Total Today-$18.20
Grand Total Month-$270.64

I will not need to go to the store for another few days so I'm okay with my total for now. Many things I have bought this month will last me for over a month. Still not a bad number considering its feeding 6 people for the month.

My Whole Foods was having a fundraiser (I say my because I own it ....mentally lol) and was selling some handmade items. Ive had so many of my readers suggest getting this mason jar top called Cuppow.  It basically turns any mason jar into a travel drink container.  Can you say HELLA COOL? What sold me on this was the money will go to good use and this one comes with a hand knit sleeve.  All for only $15.  This mason jar isn't your usual size either.  I have only seen these in thrift shops and I personally own 2 of them.  This size is perfect for my homemade peanut butter.  SO as you can see...... I had to buy it.  Also I picked up a bag of crayons for $1.  They had melted crayons into different shapes.  This is HELLA COOL to a set of 7 year old twins I know.  Your welcome girls!

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